11/18/2010 05:17 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Three Years to Live

You've made it back... good decision!!

So here's the deal with Red Eye. As we've already talked about Red Eye is made up of Three Part Purpose... CREATIVITY, COMMUNITY and HUMANITY. So I wanted to touch on just a few of these, while letting you know about some of the actual events we do.

The average time that someone lives in LA is three years... three years! So it will come to no surprise as to why people feel like they have 1,000s of "friends" in this fast-paced city, but no one they genuinely consider a "true friend."

It is literally astounding to me that in one of the most booming cities in the entire world, with a population now exceeding 14.8 million people, that people ever could consider themselves lonely, but in all honesty, it is very common both here and in NYC where our other main extension is. Hence, why it is such a crucial aspect of Red Eye's core pillars. If Red Eye never had one more "structured" event, we would still exist. (This is where you might ask yourself, "Wait, how is this possible? I thought Red Eye was strictly about helping out humanity?") Wow, so glad I can read your mind! Haha. But in all seriousness, while Red Eye will always find ways in which to give back to humanitarian causes, and empowering people in their creative passions, Red Eye at its core is all about being a "true friend" to people. A lot of our crew are people that are in the Arts, Entertainment Industry, and Entrepreneurial in the Business World. It just so happens that every single one of those areas in society is also filled with people that are out for their own good and will cut, destroy or sell out as long as they make a buck. So Red Eye strives to provide, with all our efforts, to provide a place where our friends can come and not only give back in exceptional humanitarian ways but also have people that are simply there for one sole purpose... to be a true friend!

So with the knowledge that the typical person stays in LA for only three years, it is nothing less than a adrenaline rush for Red Eye to realize that we need to be proactive to try to provide this culture not only encouragement to continue after their dreams, but also so we as a whole can literally empower positive alternative in culture and prove to the world that one can entertain, perform, record and make deals without losing their moral compass or basic ethical values... Such are easily lost when a dollar sign is flashed in front of them.

So as you are reading this you potentially are in Los Angeles, NYC or Hong Kong or maybe even Iowa. Ha. True COMMUNITY is not just a struggle in LA or NYC, but something that I believe needs to be cultivated in every city, big or small, for the empowerment and enabling of mankind to live as they should.

So here is your Red Eye Challenge... as we go throughout these next few months of our blog friendship, your challenge is to make time for true friendship in your life. Careers and money a lot of times are fantastic excuses as to why you don't have time, but still push through your thoughts of all the selfish, seemingly important things, and invest into true friendships. Invest into what Red Eye likes to call "COMMUNITY"!!

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