04/03/2013 08:19 am ET | Updated Jun 03, 2013

Pack A Lot Of Europe Into One Trip: 10 Cruises You Need To Check Out

With a blistery winter still hitting most of the U.S., flowers blooming, birds chirping and clear blue skies start to feel like an impossibility. But soon enough the chill in the air will turn to warm breezes and spring will really arrive -- and with it comes European cruise season. Luxury cruise lines begin to roll out some great itineraries for exploring all corners of the continent, from medieval fortresses to UNESCO World Heritage Sites to former homes of dictators and emperors. Here are ten cruises to keep on your radar this spring when you're ready to trade the cold and snow for some culture and adventure.

-- By Sally Farris

Pack A Lot of Europe Into One Trip: 10 Cruises You Need to Check Out