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"Billy Collins, Action Poet" is a series of short animated films JWT created for The Sundance Channel. Billy Collins, former poet laureate for the United States, provided the poetry and the voice-over for these award-winning films.

Hear Billy read this on NPR a while back and thought the video was very suiting. I liked it a lot.

-Donna 06.17.06

Loved the Billy Collins, Jet Blue, King Kong and Levis. Really inventive and impressive. Scruffs was a real throw-back/nothing new in that one AT ALL.

-J. Dancoff 06.18.06

Profound, beautifully written, and scary for those who recognize their own (or their parents') "senior moments" in this poem.

-postmodern 06.19.06

Powerful!!!! Seeing first hand what age and disease can take away from someone makes this piece scary and lonely, yet so poetic and peaceful.

-Marcia 06.19.06

Beautiful and poignant piece.

-passepartout 06.19.06

Best piece, is poetic, yes insightful and touching. Extremely powerful, and beautifully illustrated.

--whiteslippers 06.20.06

Change of pace from the rest. Good for the Sundance audience, but it will never make it on Monday Night Football (as if that matters).

-Joe 06.20.06

Billy Collin's gem is absolutely the best among the lot - funny, poignant and scary all at once. Poetry at its most luminous.

-amongtheforgetful 06.21.06

Wonderful piece. I'm forwarding the URL to a number of friends.

-Jack 06.21.06