For The Last Time, I'm Not Connie Chung

07/23/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

So I jump into this cab at the corner of 54th and Fifth. I'm schlepping like maybe four bags... purse, gym bag, leftover sandwich from lunch, giant CVS get the picture.

Anyway, I've barely settled in when the driver turns around and yells, "Hey, I know you! Watch you all the time on Channel 11! Love you guys! (Those were his exact words. I am not making this up.) He is so happy, I have to remind him not to TURN AROUND COMPLETELY while DRIVING! But small matter. Hey, come on, the guy's a fan.

So we start chatting. Very agreeable fellow, just trying to make a living. Tells me about his little girl who clearly is his world.

And he has pictures. Of his wife and child. In his wallet. Which he pulls out of his pocket, finds the photos and hands them to me while hurtling down Fifth. Again, have to remind him not to TURN AROUND COMPLETELY while DRIVING! This becomes a recurring theme during our short but exciting ride.

He confesses that since he started driving a cab, he hasn't watched the newscast as much as he used to, but he IS a fan. "That Mr. G! He's so funny! You and Jim, very funny, too!"

He seems to put quite a store in the 'comedy' aspect of our newscast. The actual news? Not so much. At least we didn't get around to discussing the issues of the day.

We arrive at the studio on 42nd in record time. I thank him for the conversation, the ride, and being so enthusiastic about Channel 11. Then, as I'm dragging all my stuff out of the cab and onto the sidewalk, he beams at me and says "Say hello to your husband, Maury!"

Now, you might think this is a rare occurrence. It is not. The odd thing is that fans know that it's ME who's the one doing the evening news on PIX. They know I work with Jim and G, but even though they know all this, they still think I'm married to Maury!

Let me set the record straight. Connie Chung is the one married to Maury Povich, not me. At least not since the last time I checked.

I used to correct people when they make this mistake, but they get so embarrassed, even when I tell them I don't mind, in fact I think it's funny, they cannot be consoled. So I have now taken to just saying, "Thanks. Maury's home making dinner, but I'll pass on your nice remarks." It saves a lot of time.

While we're on the subject, you should HEAR all the different ways my name as been butchered in the many years I have been in this biz. Connie Tong, Kathy Chung, Kitty Kong, Catty Tung, Tighty Tang, Katie Kong, Cidy Wong.

But my favorite is from a letter I got when I was working at Channel 7. The letter begins, "Dear Tiny Tongue....."

Still have that letter somewhere.

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