05/08/2015 02:21 pm ET | Updated May 08, 2016

Art.Jobs.Lullabies, Solo Exhibition (Online Version)


My exhibitions Art.Jobs.Lullabies was on view at Garis and Hahn, located at 263 Bowery, from April 2 - May 2. As an encore, there will be an overnight projection (pictured above) running for a week, which began on Tuesday, May 5. The exhibition featured video, photography and mixed media works. The music videos are a combination of original compositions from the yet to be produced feature film, Art Jobs and Lullabies as well as remixes, covers and sampling of music made famous by other artists. Below are installation shots, selected music videos, stills and tracks that made up the show. Consider this post, the online version.




Art Jobs and Lullabies (Covered and Remixed), Suite 2

"Don't Make Me Over/"We People Who Are Darker Than Blue"

"Eat and Lay (Remix - Kalup Cut), "Chewing Gum (Crush On You Remix)", and "Get Up (Love Hangover Remix)"

Art Jobs and Lullabies, Suite 1



"Dream Deferred"

Speaking to my fellow artist. If or when you're fundraiser campaign is unsuccessful, do you abandon the idea, postpone it (keep at the fundraising) or rework the material for another platform(s)?