06/17/2015 06:22 pm ET | Updated Jun 17, 2016

Admiring Your #DaddyStyle

Because of you, our children will learn. They will learn your #daddystyle.

They will learn how to go with the flow and how to take life in stride. Because of you, my kids will know that it's not a big deal when they are caught in a rainstorm in a Jeep with the top down. They will know that while they need to be protected from the sun, if they lose their hats, they will be okay with just sunscreen on their noses. Because of you, they will learn that if they forget baby wipes and the baby poops, they can make do with a napkin. No big deal. It's #daddystyle.

Because of you, and only because of you, they will know how to can peach jelly, make homemade brownies from your aunt's recipe book, and how to light a grill or start a campfire. Because of you, they will know how to plant flowers as a surprise for someone they love, plant a vegetable garden so their children have fresh food, grow grapes, mow the lawn, and what the difference is between watering the ferns and overwatering the ferns. Because of you, my kids will know how to build a table from scratch, how to build and cover a cornice with batting and fabric, how to repair a brick wall, and how to put up a fence. They will know how to fly-fish, how to throw a baseball, and how to pitch a tent. They will know how to pick out curtains, a thoughtful gift, a ripe avocado, and a good steak. All of it they will know because of your #daddystyle.

They will know how to show gratitude, how to be thoughtful and giving, and how to be the best friend anyone would be lucky enough to have. They will learn to be fiercely loyal but how to walk away from people who aren't willing to do the same for them. They will learn that family doesn't always have to be blood but that their daddy is their daddy no matter what. He will forever be ready to dance with them in the living room to their favorite songs. Always. They will learn service, vocation, and honor. They will learn how to follow the rules but how to question and break them if they must. They will learn how to be level-headed but passionate and even stern if needed. They will learn the value of a dollar, of hard work, and of helping others. They will learn how to love and be loved, with no limitations. They will learn their value because you show them that they mean the world to you. They will love and admire your #daddystyle.

They will learn from you and with you and because of you. On this Father's Day, thank you for showing my kids #daddystyle.


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