End of the Year Checklist for Creatives

12/25/2011 02:42 pm ET | Updated Feb 24, 2012

Just a few thoughts for the end of the year:


  • Do your books before December 31st, so you can tell if you can or should spend on any tax-deductible items.

  • Send a thank you to those who have supported you this year; it will make their day.

  • Ask yourself if you are getting the word out about your work and your projects. Are people listening?

  • Invest in yourself. Get information you need, or take a workshop to get you jump started on a project.

  • Have a great business card for those times when you need to leave a trail and someone can find you. Use all the real estate on the card including the back for vital information.

  • Share an important resource or tool that has worked for you with others.

  • Talk about other artists or cool things on your blog.

  • Do a studio visit with someone you recently met, regardless of whether they are a "gatekeeper" or not.

  • Buy from artists this holiday season.

  • Congratulate yourself for what you have accomplished this year, and make plans for the next.

And above all, here's to kickin' some butt in 2012. Happy Holidays everyone.

Photo is author's own.