11/08/2007 03:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Blogging for the Strike: They Sure Can Fit a Lot of ___ Into Their ___

In support of the writers strike which has shuttered The Office and put the kibosh on K-Ville, I've redacted this post. Writing is a tough racket. Back when I was a working journalist, my salary kicked off at $12,000. A year. Now I'm among the great unpaid, plugging New Orleans and some sidelines. But these writers have actual desks they need to get back behind, so this is for them:

Redacted! or, They Sure Can Fit a Lot of _____ Into Their _____

As stocks fall and the consumer market teeters on the edge of a dismal holiday season, there's only one economic solution and that is to _____ more of our national _____ into the ______________.


At least that's what Nostradamus told me last night, swinging cheerily from the ________. It's a shame I had promised in advance that the next blog would be redacted in support of the writers strike, because the seer explained that if we _______ the country's ________ to __________, it could mean peace in our time.

Then he said that the secret to re-freezing the polar ice caps is to elect _______ _______, along with running mate ______ _______. It seemed like such a simple solution once he explained it, because they sure can fit a lot of _________ into their _____.

Nostradamus was now chasing ________ through a narrow __________, and I cannot believe how many __________ that prophet can fit into his ____ (ears). I've unredacted that one because redaction is tedious. The CIA must have been exhausted after Fair Game.

Before leaving, he plugged his new book titled _______ and Me, while listening to
Redefine 8/29 downloads and wearing EyeBeenFramed shades. Then he proceeded to ________ the ________ between a wombat and Dick _______, and break up a slap fight between George Clooney and Fabio Lanzoni.

I hope Nostradamus comes back someday because he parties like Catherine de' Medici on ________ - surprising considering the gout and dropsy. My husband is still tidying up.

Plus he seems to know the solution to the planet's series of imminent disasters, if you haven't experienced yours yet. This morning I found a note on crumpled parchament with old timey lettering and it read:

"Had a great time. Sorry about _______________ your houseplants. That used to piss off Henri II. See you in 20__ when the world ends. - N."

It's got to give you a warm glow to know that Nostradamus is redacting in support of the writers, too.

Read more about the strike on the Huffington Post's writers' strike page.