Muddying the Waters: Why No Olbermann for Tancredo? Or Maher for Keyes?

03/06/2008 03:59 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

As Pennsylvania readies for its Democratic Primary closeup and the Republican Primaries are locked up, the right wing is gleefully dipping into progressive politics.

Right this minute, Ann Coulter is lobbying for Hillary Clinton on MSNBC, saying that as opposed to John McCain, the Democratic candidate doesn't make a big deal of shutting down Guantanimo. The obvious rebuttal is that Clinton was never a prisoner of war, and the next thing you know, McCain has a second of your head space courtesy of the woman who wrote How to Talk to a Liberal if You Must.

Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Joe Scarborough, all rabid supporters of impeaching Bill Clinton when he was president, are secure in promoting his wife over their own candidate because no matter what happens, McCain is still their party's choice. With the lack of any White House outcry over the defections, you can almost smell Rove in the room.

The closest anyone on the other side of the aisle has come to pulling a Coulter was when Stephen Colbert agreed to run on a ticket with Mike Huckabee. But Colbert, who at the White House Correspondents Dinner told the President that truth has a well known liberal bias, was just doing his nightly impression of Bill O'Reilly.

Back when it could have made a difference, picture progressive pundits influencing the opposition in the same way Limbaugh did when he directed conservative Texans to vote for Clinton. Keith Olbermann looking into his Countdown camera for a surreal Special Comment:

"If Barack Obama is our party's candidate, I am voting for Tom Tancredo. Because you, Sir, are more aligned with my values in every way."

Or if Bill Maher had concluded Real Time with:

"New Rule: Forget about Clinton - I adore Alan Keyes. He lost the Senate race to Obama in Illinois, but have you heard him sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow on YouTube? That's showmanship, people."

(Newsreel clip below)

The two even could have joined forces and lobbied for the extreme Tancredo / Keyes ticket, but no one was focused on muddying the waters for the opposition. Yet.

While the Republican Governor of Florida chats with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Democrats' election options in his state and Blitzer proudly announces that he's blogged about the windfall for Florida if there's a re-do, the primaries race on. George Bush has done his Waiting for McCain dance on the steps of the White House, and contrary to right wing talking points, John W. McCain is still dancing with the ones who brung him.