11/14/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Nerd Alert: 5 Vintage Eyeglass Frame Makeovers

Apparently men do make passes at style editors who wear glasses. This year's New York Fashion Week featured Anna Wintour of Vogue in trademark sunglasses next to her bespectacled boyfriend Shelby Bryan. La Wintour's date indicates that retro eyeglass frames have reached a coming of age, good news for

Taking a cue from the Huffington Post's "Recession's Accidental Entrepreneurs," and also because print media isn't picking up quite yet, we've launched an expanded collection of never-worn vintage eyeglass frames inherited from my optometrist father. Frame clients include Elvis Costello and Mike Mills of REM, so the site is rocking. Here are some recommendations for eyeglass makeovers, because from Keith Olbermann to Rachel Maddow, who doesn't love a new look?

  2009-09-14-advertorial.png Advertorial for Mad Men's Don Draper

2009-09-14-alienprincess.png Alien Princess for Lady GaGa

2009-09-14-onyxsextet.png Onyx Sextet for Anna Wintour

2009-09-14-themurrow.png The Murrow for Rachel Maddow

2009-09-14-TheDuff.jpg The Duff for Keith Olbermann

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