Catching Up

02/07/2012 12:19 pm 12:19:04 | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Tick tock goes the clock and time keeps marching on. Sometimes I feel that I am on one of those moving sidewalks that you find in airports, but this one does not have an exit! I am so sorry that I have been not been in communication for so long. December was promised to be a bit of a break, but it was not. My workroom for Erickson Beamon has been in high gear for such a long time. We have fab projects in the works: China Vogue with Nicoletta Santoro, Italian Vogue with Patti Wilson, collaborating with B Åkerlund for that football game. In Kabbalah we learn that there are no coincidences in life; life is not random and there is always cause and effect. Here is my little proof: my dear friend and stylist, Bill Mullen, asked me to create a full look for Sarah Sophie Flicker, co-founder of the infamous Citizens Band, for an upcoming New York Times story. The "coincidence" of it all is that Erickson Beamon is collaborating with Sarah this coming February for our Fashion Week presentation at Milk Studios. If a person pays attention and connects the dots, daily life is littered with clues.

All Ericksons were together for New Years Eve sans Monique, who was still on the road. My long-time friend Maria Zipperle, of the famous Oui Boutique in San Juan Puerto Rico, hosted a meet and greet. Mo had the sun and we had Sandy: the remaining Ericksons, (my husband Eric, my daughter Mandie, and I) toasted 2012 at Joe's Pub. Sandra Bernhard is one of the funniest people I know. We laughed, and she sang. Sandy is so smart; she never compromises her point of view. What made the night so special is that Sandy's longtime girlfriend Sarah brought Cicily, their daughter, to the show. I remember the day she was born, and when I look at her all grown up I feel that tick tock goes the clock. What a great family. I am always honored to be their friend.

This past Tuesday, Karen Berg, the director of the Kabbalah Centre, gave a Q and A at the New York City branch on 48th street. Karen was funny and engaging. The crowd asked difficult questions and Karen answered all of them brilliantly. My life is connected by a string, a red string, that is. Eric and I ran from the lecture home to catch the premiere of Southland on TNT. Our dear, dear friend Lucy is a guest star for 10 episodes. Lucy plays a cop, and boy was she great. She looked gorgeous while performing all her own stunts, and driving her squad car. I loved the show, and you will too. Check it out!

Tick tock goes the clock and time keeps marching on.

Check out a couple of pictures from the Oui Boutique.