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Karen Finney

Blog Entries by Karen Finney

The Supreme Court and 2010

Posted May 11, 2010 | 16:57:04 (EST)

Get ready to rumble.

While most on Capitol Hill are admitting that Solicitor General Elena Kagen will likely be confirmed, both sides are still gearing up for a new round in the culture wars. The unfortunate truth is that Supreme Court nominations have increasingly become less about the actual record...

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More GOP History Re-Writes: Katrina, the oil spill and a failed bombing attempt

Posted May 6, 2010 | 09:06:21 (EST)

The BP oil spill is not hurricane Katrina. The failed Times Square car-bombing attempt is not an example a failed system.

As usual the GOP has not let these facts get in the way of inventing its own narrative in yet another attempt to play politics and...

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History Repeating?

Posted April 30, 2010 | 14:09:43 (EST)

A little over a week ago, standing in the courtyard on Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years, another former prisoner (also a member of the ANC), described the Apartheid era "pass laws" which required black people and all "non-white" South Africans to carry identification with them...

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Virginia Shame

Posted April 7, 2010 | 17:56:49 (EST)

Gov. Bob McDonnell's decision is shameful. If you're going to declare April as "Confederate History Month" to commemorate, "... the Commonwealth's shared history, to understand the sacrifices of the Confederate leaders, soldiers and citizens during the period of the Civil War, and to recognize how our history has led to...

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Stupak Amendment Threatens the Rights of Every American

Posted November 10, 2009 | 13:28:12 (EST)

The members of Congress who voted in support of the Stupak amendment sent a message to America's women: after more than 200 years we are still not full citizens of the United States. Apparently members of Congress now believe that it is within their power to determine what legal medical...

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2010 Not About What Happens in VA and NJ

Posted October 26, 2009 | 12:20:37 (EST)

The GOP will spin next week's the elections in NJ and VA as evidence that they are re-surging and attempt to build momentum with their base into 2010 elections. They will say it is a predictor for 2010. That President Obama is losing support. Strategically that is exactly...

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Ignoble Reaction to the Nobel Prize

Posted October 9, 2009 | 17:42:53 (EST)

A word of advice to the GOP from my mother: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Once again, the Republican Party is so consumed by thuggery and hate, they see a political opportunity to slam the president rather than to praise America.


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Thug Politics in America

Posted September 30, 2009 | 19:52:00 (EST)

In the words of a favorite song, it's time to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

Tom Friedman was on point in his column today. Our politics and national discourse have entered a new era of thug-life. Like bullies on the playground who get out of control, undermining a...

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Do You Agree with President Carter's Comments?

Posted September 17, 2009 | 10:35:19 (EST)

The answer is more complicated than the question. To suggest that racism plays no role would be naive, but there are other factors that should not be ignored. One thing is certain -- merely looking at changing poll numbers grossly oversimplifies these issues.

First, America is in the middle of...

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The Conversation We Need to Have

Posted July 24, 2009 | 16:14:00 (EST)

Good people can do stupid things. Bad people can do smart things. There is nothing intrinsically racial in saying a good person may have done a stupid thing.

The incident in Cambridge comes on the heels of a number of incidents over the past several months that reminded us of...

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