Are You a Tasmanian Devil?

05/25/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Of course, I'm asking you to compare yourself to the cute, wily albeit undecipherable and totally out of control fur ball on Bugs Bunny as opposed to the true description - It is characterized by its black fur, pungent odour when stressed, extremely loud and disturbing screech, and ferocity when feeding.

Hmm, well you decide if either description fits you.

Why do I ask, you say?

What I have noticed recently are some people who operate in their life and in their business like the comic character and somewhat like the real devil, too. These individuals are all over the place. They never sit still; they rarely listen and act as if they're the only ones that really know how to get things done. (Be truthful, have you screeched lately? )

If you read this and totally think this is nothing like you yet you're a really busy, go-getter, over-achiever and wonder if I'm on another planet because of course, you're the only one who knows how to really get things done...get someone close to you to read the first part of this article and see if they think you're Tasmanian devil-like.

The fact is, these people are working against themselves and the forces of the Universe and how it flows. When one is doing that - everything automatically gets harder. Why? Well, the Universe is pretty big, it's been around a lot longer than you have and it made up the rules. Capiche?

Most people think that things have to be hard and to think anything different is Pollyannaish. Please, by all means, for those of you that think that way, keep doing it the hard way or, more favorably, the realistic way.


In my experience, when you're working too hard and forcing things to happen whether it's sales, getting your staff to do more with less, drilling your family members to do better - you're not working with your (or their) brilliance. Ultimately, what happens is you have more problems in your business with your customers, vendors and staff. Your relationships suffer and you feel like you're running a hundred miles an hour to keep it all afloat.

It doesn't have to be that hard. Here's what to do:

  1. Stop and get still. If you've been the person that's never, ever understood the phrase 'ask and it is given' - it's because you haven't stopped long enough to do these next things....
  2. Breathe. You know, it sounds so simple and so trite yet focusing on your breathe allows you to truly become more present in the moment.
  3. Pay attention. When you become more present in the moment, start paying attention to what's going on around you. What message have you heard over and over again but haven't listened to? I'll virtually guarantee that it's the Universe trying to give you what you've been asking for but you haven't been able to hear it.
  4. See others' Brilliance. Your business and life don't have to be hard. It's likely that you've already surrounded yourself with geniuses that are yet unexpressed because of the chaos and cloud of the Tasmanian Devil.
  5. Pay attention. If you caught that this was a duplicate, GOOD! You're catching on! In all seriousness though, we don't do enough of this in our life.

If you feel like your life is a blur, it is. Look in the mirror - I present to you the Tasmanian Devil.