03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Be a Flirt With Life

Recently, I've found a new favorite movie and I think it's a bit of a sleeper in popularity. It's one of those movies that people love once they see, but that no one talks about. A classic Chick Flick -- P.S. I Love You.

Initially, when I first saw the trailer for this movie, I was NOT interested. The last thing I wanted to do was engage in a movie that I knew was going to make me cry. Well, a few months ago, my husband was out and I watched it. I LOVED it!!!

Yes, I cried. But far more important than that, it reminded me about how I get way too serious about life.

Right now, I see way too many people tied up in being serious about life. The fact is if we're feeling serious, we'll attract more things to be serious about.

This is a block.

Sure, it's easy to gloss over. I mean, things are tough out there, who doesn't have the right to take this all very seriously? I mean, c'mon!!

True. But, when we have a subconscious mind that's taking in 400 billion bytes of information per second, we actually do have a lot of information to choose from to focus on. And, when our subconscious mind's job is to filter out all that fluff according to what we deem important -- wouldn't it make more sense to focus on what we want rather than what we don't want? Do you really want to take life so seriously that that's all you see ... seriousness?

Okay, I've ventured off.

Why I love this movie is because the characters remind us what it's like to fall in love and have a twinkle in our eye. I mean honestly, who could resist a Gerard Butler-like twinkle? Not me, in a million years. Maybe I'm weak but I doubt it.

When was the last time you sported a twinkle? If it wasn't today -- it's been too long. If you don't remember the last time you felt carefree -- you gotta get on this now!!

Ultimately, life is too short and it's too easy to get caught up in the details of the day-to-day stuff. It can feel like that's all there is. And it isn't!

We're meant to be here to experience something far greater than the emotion of worry. Why create more things to be worried about?

Right now, today, what could you feel lighter about?

What small thing are you taking too seriously?

Who can you share a gleam in your eye with -- as if you had the biggest, juiciest secret of all time? A friend? Your partner? A complete stranger? How about all of them?

When I was younger, I can't tell you how often I was told that I looked like "trouble with a capital T." It was all innocent and in fun but it's been a long time since I've been told that ... too much time being serious. A serious employee, a serious manager, a serious entrepreneur.

That's why I love this movie because it entices me to flirt with life. Not to be dangerous and do foolish things but to be an imp. When was the last time YOU did an impish act? When was the last time you flirted? When was the last time you were carefree?

Being carefree is a state of mind that you can create any time. If we wait for the state of carefree-ness to just happen, it likely won't.

So today, let's declare this Flirt with Life Day! Remember to have fun and carry a gleam in your eye that will make everyone else wonder what you're up to. How fun is that!?

Karen is the author of "Attraction in Action: Your How to Guide to Relationships, Money, Work and Health" and is a coach that helps people bust through their blocks in their personal and business life.

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