06/18/2010 11:50 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Set A Date vs. Right Timing

When it comes to putting a time frame on manifesting what you want, there are some conflicting messages out there.

Some people may tell you that you have to be precise on the date, like "I want to have that until the end of the year," and others say that the Universe will give you what you wished for when the time is right. On the other hand, some people say that if there is no precise date, things will never get real. In general, from my point of view, this timing thing gives pressure...

Again, I get why this is all pretty confusing. Ultimately, you want to be open to your good coming to you as soon as possible, right?

There is a quote and in this moment I can't remember if it comes from Wallace Wattles or Raymond Holliwell but it goes something like this..."if you say a year from now, God says a year from now."

Common practice in goal-setting is to set a date. This helps to keep the goal top-of-mind and helps us to keep moving toward it. It is useful but it is mostly about action and takes out the really useful step of tapping into the collective intelligence. When we tap into collective intelligence (Source, the Universe, higher power -- whatever you want to call it) we can actually make our actions far more effective because you start to take inspired action rather than action for actions' sake. We follow hunches, go with our gut or pay attention to our intuition and usually get much quicker results with a lot less work. Think about it, I imagine you've seen this at work both ways....

If we set a time limit and it could come earlier to us -- we actually keep what we want away. If it takes longer, then we tend to lose faith in the process. Neither of these options are ideal.

When I work with my coaching clients, I guide them through the process of staying open to the very thing they want and you know what? It's both harder and easier than you think. What I ask of them is easy, it's the managing of the thoughts that is difficult. You can't even imagine what gets in our way... every day.

So here's three things to do:

  1. Be precise about what you want
  2. Be open to it coming in its perfect time <=== If you're an impatient person -- this is a kicker
  3. Expect it to show up <=== In the immortal words of George Michael "You gotta have faith, you gotta have faith, you gotta have faith, faith, faith, you gotta have faith!!!!"