The Art of 'Being' at Work and in Business

05/27/2010 04:32 pm 16:32:57 | Updated Nov 17, 2011

This week I am reminded how important it is for each of us to connect with who we really are inside and bring that person to the outside in our business or work.

My favorite role models for this in business have been the late Corey Rudl of the Internet Marketing Center and Ali Brown, also an incredible Internet marketer. Somehow, following the two of them over time has given me the framework for how just being yourself can be the key to success. Too many people don't know this nor live it and that is an absolute shame.

Tell me if this resonates with you: You were the one who never quite fit in at school or wherever you went and so you just made up your own group and your own rules. Most of the time you felt good about it but there were times when you wondered what that mysterious ingredient was that was missing that you somehow didn't own. Life went on and you went to work at a job and you did your absolute best but again, somehow you were not quite meshing with the corporate higher-ups. Conformity was necessary or an action plan was on it's way. Or, worse yet, despite your brilliance and your deep desire to help the company you worked for (and you really could make a difference), someone, in all their own competing brilliance, felt you were not the right fit for the organization.

Sound familiar? If it does - it's likely you're an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur. By the way, I love the word intrapreneur which indicates you're a go-getter, make things happen kind of person, free-thinker on the inside of a company that is not your company. I love these people because they're not like everyone else. They're that portion of people who go forward despite having incredibly different ideas about life and business!!

For some of you, you have mastered the art of 'being'. You are totally yourself without any pretenses. You love your odd ideas and have been rewarded nicely for them.

For those of you that haven't experienced that level of success yet - the reason probably lies in the fact that they're not letting their real self come through. They are still conforming, sometimes in a small way, sometimes on a much larger scale. What I see is that often the intrapreneur needs to make the leap to entrepreneur. Believing in themselves is crucial. They need to share their story and be of service in a way that only they can be - talk about eliminating the idea of competition! Not one other person on the planet has your story, your skills, your experience. Not one!

Here's how you know you need to master the Art of Being at work and in business:

* You feel stifled.

* Other people pass your ideas off as their own.

* You're not getting all the customers you want.

* You communicate what you think others want to hear or what you think will sell

These are just a few of the signs but they're big ones!

Now, what to do about's a few suggestions to start out with:

* Make a list of your perfect job/business/customer.

* Make a note of what the differences are between where you are and what you want.

* Ask yourself this question - What would I have to believe about myself to have this perfect job/business/customer?

Out of these activities listed above there will be some obvious actions to take - take them.

If you're doing this on your own, you want to be gentle with yourself and move carefully through this because I can promise you there will be some bumps. If you can, get some help to work through this process - it's well worth it.