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Karen Maezen Miller

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Holiday Tips: 7 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Mindful (PHOTOS)

Posted: 11/14/10 11:53 AM ET

Of course you want the turkey to be done. You'd like the mashed potatoes to keep warm, the stuffing to stay moist and the gravy to taste homemade. You're hoping the pies turn out, the guests turn up and the TV gets turned off. You'll be grateful to have it over with, but can you take a week of hectic cooking and turn it into a mindfulness practice?

The sages did, and still do.

Mindfulness practice is exactly like preparing a holiday dinner. In fact, one of the most profound and practical texts in Zen, " Instructions for the Cook," was written nearly 800 years ago for the monastery kitchen staff.

That ancient teaching inspires these 7 ways to prepare your Thanksgiving meal more mindfully.


Know Your Food
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This isn't just a reminder to read labels or to choose local or organic ingredients. Contemplating the origin of your food makes you thankful. How? You can't really know all the ways your food comes to you, but you can appreciate the innumerable labors that support your life.
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