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Purple Lab -- The Beauty Brand Goes Live!

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I nurtured Purple Lab, my baby, for way longer than nine months. I felt it kick to get out. I suffered through morning/afternoon/evening sickness. I gained weight. But one early morning, the last week of April, I finally gave birth.

Purple Lab's Huge Lips Skinny Hips shipped to stores!

It was the greatest feeling I could ever imagine - seeing something I dreamed of, worked for, and ultimately killed for come to life (and it was just in time for Mother's Day!).

Todd and I were proud parents. And here is the tale... consider this vlog the birth certificate.

Follow our family album... on Flickr.

And I will continue the story of Purple Lab, how our baby grows up, and gets some sisters (i.e. five new products, which will be available in February)!



Purple Lab Creatrix