12/03/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Palin: No Press Conference, No Medical Records, No Big Surprise

Sarah Palin hasn't had a press conference or released her medical records. I'm not surprised.

The McCain/Palin camp telegraphed that Palin wouldn't have a press conference. Back in early September, McCain's Head Mudslinger Rick Davis said Palin wouldn't take tough questions from reporters "until the point in time when she'll be treated with respect and deference."

Winking, Blinking And Nod

Given Palin's interviews to date, I can't imagine any non-Fox reporter giving her adequate "deference" when it comes to asking her about: Troopergate, the road to nowhere, the VP's job description, Ted Stevens, her wardrobe, going rogue, pallin' around with First Dude and Secessionist Todd , Putin rearing his head, her witch-doctor pastor, being a drag on the ticket, etc.

Her Katie Couric interview was the beginning of the end.The McCain team just can't afford to have Palin answer any pesky follow-up questions, only to have her look like a deer in headlights, asking "In what respect, Charlie?"

I think McCain will always be haunted by his impulsive pick of the unqualified and unvetted Palin. Especially if he loses. Oh well. They'll always have St. Paul.

It would be nice if the media highlighted these omissions in the next 24 hours and held Palin accountable for agreeing to release her medical records, not releasing them and not having a press conference. Sigh...

Palin said she didn't blink when McCain asked her to be VP. People blink when they lie. Palin blinked a lot when Brian Williams asked to about releasing her medical records. Palin was for releasing them before she was against it.

Palin's been winking and blinking a lot on the campaign trail. Luckily, voters won't be giving her and McCain the nod - if we turn out our vote. It's in our hands now.