12/12/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Blue Labia: Turn Up The Sexual Heat This Winter

Many men think we women have penis envy. Yeah, right. Speaking as a woman (and for all women), I have two words to put an end to that kind of foolish thinking: multiple orgasms.

Plus, there are a multiple of other reasons why a woman should be happy with her genital lot in life.

Yet, far too many women aren't cashing in on all their genital merriment. Far too many women have what I call "Blue Labia" -- a term I'm quickly making up now, as the female equivalent to "Blue Balls" -- and a term I'm eager to pass on -- because I feel this subject of "a woman who's sexually blocked" should have its own playful sexual vernacular so it can thereby be more easily and comfortably discussed.

With this in mind, I'll be running a series of articles on this subject of how a woman can turn up her sexual heat in the upcoming winter days (and nights!) (and 3 am's!).

This first article features a lively interview with the famed "Vagina Whisperer," Alisa Vitti, who has helped thousands of women reclaim their GYN health, hormonal balance and sexual vitality at her Laughing Sage Wellness™ Center.

Below are some of Vitti's personally shared empowering tips for helping women to combat "Blue Labia" -- so that my new-quickly-made-up-expression can just as quickly become a very antiquated expression of a woman's past!


According to Vitti, "The Hot Sex Basics" for revving up a woman's libido are the same for both women over and under 40 -- which she recognizes defies conventional wisdom, but that's because, as Vitti explains: "Libido is the frosting on the cupcake of your overall health!"

Meaning? Your first and foremost need for a peppy libido is plain ol' good basic health. You need this as a strong foundation for your libido to be at its yummiest best.

So what's a girl to do?

Vitti recommends making sure your blood sugar is balanced throughout the day, so your heart health and liver function are optimal. And Vitti reminds women to make sure they have strong adrenal health. Meaning you need to relax, dammit. Do yoga. Meditate. Exercise. Plus parktake of Vitti's recommended adrenal boosters: licorice root, black and kidney beans, black sesame seeds, and sea vegetables.

Vitti also reminds that a woman must take care of her pathways of elimination, in order to best carry estrogen and other hormones out of her body on a daily basis. You can sense how well your elimination pathways are doing by keeping track of how well your skin, liver, and large intestines are doing. Vitti's recommended elimination nudgers: increase insoluble fiber by adding 2 T flaxseed meal/day. Plus, increase your dark leafy green veggies, and consider adding more lean turkey, brown rice, and dried apricots into your diet.

Also... if you're dealing with overt things like PMS, PCOS, Fibroids, Endo, Infertility, Perimenopause, Vaginal Dryness, Vaginismus -- then Vitti strongly recommends you explore if your endocrine system is firing properly and if not, if you might need a more complete holistic overhaul.

Vitti acknowledges there are also lots of great supplements to aid and abet a flagging libido -- like COQ10, DHEA, Gingko. But without looking at overall physical health, throwing supplements at a complex sexual issue is a waste of money.

And as far as recommending "Theee Viagra" for women, Vitti states succinctly, "There is no one magic pill. A woman must simply take care of her body -- by partaking in healthy food and exercise -- and take care of her emotions -- by practicing intimacy with those she loves. From this baseline level of wholeness, a woman can easily enjoy physical intimacy without feeling jarred or disconnected or stuck in her head."

Meaning? If you are not actively fully expressing yourself and taking care of yourself emotionally, not only will you become depressed, your libido will become depressed too!

Vitti explains, "Being dissatisfied with relationships, friendships, career, physical health, body image issues, harsh self criticism, stress, living 'in your head,' taking care of others over yourself, not communicating effectively with your partner about what you want, not knowing what you want -- all of these emotional states mess with your endocrine system's delicate balance -- causing slight dips in adrenal and thyroid function. Then add to that fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone and all of a sudden the body views 'libido' as extraneous and would prefer to focus on rebalancing you overall!"

In summary: Speak up. Get out and about. Push yourself to be your full, juicy, fabulous self -- and your libido will step it up along with you!

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