01/26/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Quiz: Are You In Lust Or Love?

Throughout the ages, there's been one question that's consistently stumped the wisest of gurus and prophets -- and at times even Oprah.

How do you know when its lofty love -- or its wily doppleganger lust?

You must always keep in mind that some people are slooooooower to fall in love -- and/or they're wrestling with that infamous of fears: FEAR OF COMMITMENT. Meaning? Even if you sense you're experiencing mere lust, there's a chance that lust is simply how you/your partner start off feeling most "safe" connecting; but if you/they are truly working on fixing/nixing commitment issues, you/they might eventually cross over to the love side. Meaning? Before you break up, it's essential you take quality time to share a gut-honest conversation, talking about your values, needs, and fears. If you/your partner is just fearful of commitment, chances are what's scaring you/them is the concept of "relationship eternity." Relax and just take the relationship "one week at a time." And be sure to keep in mind a little love advice from Aristotle, who said : "Love is a slow-ripening fruit." Don't pluck the fruits of your relationship too hastily from the vine, just because the relationship is not ripening as quickly as you want!

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