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Karen Schaler

Karen Schaler


9 Cool Things To Do in Rome (PHOTOS)

Posted: 04/ 5/11 06:43 PM ET


You know what they say... "WHEN IN ROME"... which really means... get off the regular tourist track and try some things some REAL Romans would do. Some unique ideas include gladiator training, Ferrari driving, taking a secret tour and getting a reservation at one of the top restaurants in all of Europe.

So go ahead, spoil yourself a little, you deserve it!

I'd love to hear the cool things you're putting on your bucket list for Rome!

Just leave a comment here or on Twitter at

Gladiator Training
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What better way to learn about ancient Rome and fuel your adventuresome side than to sign up for a few hours of Gladiator Training with the historical group called Gruppo Storico Romano?

Come on, admit it, you have always wanted to dress up in armor and fight it out with knives and spears. Now here is your chance to take a step back in time to almost 2000 years ago and channel your own Russell Crowe in the Gladiator!


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