Vive la France! Top French Chefs Share Their Culinary Secrets

07/14/2012 06:01 pm ET | Updated Sep 13, 2012
  • Karen Schaler Emmy award-winning creator and host of Travel Therapy TV

When I heard the French Rhone Alps has more than sixty Michelin starred restaurants I knew this was a region I needed to check out for a TRAVEL THERAPY culinary vacation!

To begin my foodie journey I chose to fly Air France because this summer, on all long haul flights from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, the airline started serving exclusive signature dishes designed by Guy Martin, the Michelin starred chef at the Grand Vefour restaurant. I loved his sauteed shrimp with pasta shells and zucchini caviar with a coconut sauce enhanced by Espelette Chili peppers. Starting out a trip being spoiled like this in Air France's comfy business class meant I was able to arrive in France ready to work.

From Paris I flew to Lyon, the capital of the Rhone Alpes and a city a lot of foodies call one of the culinary capitals of the world.

Lyon itself has more than a dozen Michelin starred restaurants and I had a fantastic meal at Daniel and Denise where I was honored to hang out with Chef Joseph Viola in his kitchen to learn some of his culinary secrets and more about his signature dishes. Chef Viola won the prestigious Best French Craftsman award in 2004 and has such passion when he's cooking.

Watch the latest TRAVEL THERAPY video, featuring top trips to take based on what you're going through in life, and see Chef Viola at work and also visit other top french restaurants in the Rhone Alpes where one of the highlights is going behind the scenes at the iconic 3 star Michelin Georges Blanc restaurant where Chef Georges Blanc shares some of his top culinary secrets.

Sneak Peak Inside Some Top French Michelin Starred Restaurants

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