06/07/2010 02:43 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rick Perry Signs Earth-Shattering Peace Treaty

Texas Governor Rick Perry made an attempt at peace with coyotes throughout Texas, and even the world, when he signed a peace treaty with the San Antonio Spurs mascot at a Valero event.

Some coyotes have rejoiced. Others are skeptical.


He made the announcement through his Twitter account.

Perry felt intense pressure from animal rights groups, the media, and even domesticated dogs everywhere to make amends for shooting a coyote during one of his morning jogs in February.

Perry claims to have been protecting his daughter's dog when he pulled his Ruger .38 from the elastic waistband of his jogging shorts and forever changed the relationship between Republicans and coyotes throughout the nation.

Many in the pro-coyote community were even more upset after Texans began celebrating the exact weapon (a Ruger .380) Perry used to shoot the defenseless animal.

Texas ranchers are hootin' and hollerin' at the loss of just one calf-devouring coyote. But could the incident cost Perry some votes in November?

Perry's democratic opponent, Bill White, has not commented, although there is talk he might be changing his campaign strategy by encouraging supporters to leave scraps of meat on their porches.

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