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Karin Volo
Karin Volo, an expert in engagement, career, personal and organizational development, is known as the Chief Joy Bringer. With over 15 years experience working with international Fortune 500 companies on two continents, she has gained insights on business building, cultural transformation, and high performance. Karin works with cultural development, leadership mentoring as well as professional inspirational speaking. Karin is the co-author of international best-selling ENGAGE! and the Bringing Joy series. She is a faculty member at the Institute for Inspired Organizational Cultures, and an expert judge on employee engagement in both the UK and the US. Karin’s passion is helping people better their lives through sharing all she has learned on her own journey. Her purpose is bringing joy to the workplace.

You can find out more about Karin and how to create an Amazing Company at

Entries by Karin Volo

Why Sustainable Engagement Is Built on Purpose

(0) Comments | Posted December 9, 2014 | 1:59 PM

Engagement seems to be the latest corporate "buzz word" -- but is it really? Or have we come to understand the significance of having employees that truly love their jobs?

We talk about the global trends of technology, demographics, and the millenniums (or generation Y) that are pushing companies to...

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The Secret to Winning the Race for Talent: Purpose Is So Much More Than a Paycheck

(4) Comments | Posted September 23, 2014 | 11:44 AM

The dynamics of the workforce are undergoing huge changes right now. The latest studies show that:

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Engagement Is the Motor to Our Economy

(2) Comments | Posted August 26, 2014 | 1:21 PM

Recently, I've been in several conversations with business leaders regarding employee engagement vs. employee satisfaction: Why does it matter?

Engagement is NOT the same as satisfaction. Although many companies still consider them the same or similar, there is a subtle yet significant difference between the two.

Engagement is when employees...

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Bringing Your Passion to Work

(0) Comments | Posted July 15, 2014 | 12:03 PM

Think about when you've fallen in love in your life or the first time you held your newborn child in your arms. The colors looked brighter, the sounds were clearer, and it felt like your heart was going to burst with love and joy. (Hopefully you've had this experience in...

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Discovering Your Purpose

(0) Comments | Posted June 10, 2014 | 4:23 PM

The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. - Mark Twain

Discovering your purpose is probably the most important work you'll do in your life and career. The same holds true for discovering a company purpose. It...

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How to Engage People Through Giving

(0) Comments | Posted April 29, 2014 | 7:06 PM

Ten years ago, entrepreneur Stefan Krook had a dream... to start a company that would give all the profits to charity. At the time, it was a crazy idea that few people thought would make it.

Recently I was invited to the annual "Tackkväll", or Gratitude Night, for GodEl, a...

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Bringing Joy and Fun to Your Company Culture

(0) Comments | Posted March 26, 2014 | 2:25 PM

Did you know the average 4-year-old laughs 300 times a day, and for the average 40-year-old it might be four times? Amazing companies are bringing the fun back into work and reminding us to still keep our childlike nature alive and well. The environment and physical offices tend to be...

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Why Giving Matters in Business

(4) Comments | Posted March 10, 2014 | 6:13 PM

Our world is shifting quickly now. We're seeing it in so many ways. From raising your own personal awareness to seeing governments and countries changing the way they are doing things, we are starting to realize just how connected we all really are.

Individuals are becoming very aware of...

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Bring #LoveWeek to Your Company!

(0) Comments | Posted February 11, 2014 | 12:44 PM

Mindvalley is a progressive personal development company based in Malaysia. It is also one of the Most Amazing Company models that we featured in our newly released best selling book on employee engagement called Engage!

For the last three years, every week in the middle of February, they...

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How Collaboration Is a Solution

(0) Comments | Posted February 6, 2014 | 10:51 AM

Either you are part of the problem, or a part of the solution. It's your choice.

Competition is the old business mindset. Collaboration is taking over. Stronger value connections are forming with customers, as loyalty increases and customer evangelists want to see the success of the company. So-called competitors are...

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