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Karl Frisch

Blog Entries by Karl Frisch

Message in a Bottle: Romney's Presidency Two Years in

(6) Comments | Posted October 17, 2012 | 2:52 AM

I write this missive in the year 2014 from my small, poorly ventilated office in the Shandong Province of China where my job and millions of others have been outsourced by President Mitt Romney and his Republican allies in Congress.

Now that we are half way through President Romney's...

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The Gay Soccer Dad and Lesbian Costco Mom Vote

(8) Comments | Posted October 3, 2012 | 2:33 PM

The 2012 election may not be decided by gay soccer dads and lesbian Costco moms but their quality of life will be defined by those occupying the White House and Congress in 2013 and beyond.

While much of the conversation surrounding lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people of late has...

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Debates Should Probe Romney's Economic Insanity

(2) Comments | Posted September 26, 2012 | 1:36 PM

President Obama and Mitt Romney may be scheduled for their first of three debates next week, but there is really no debate when it comes to the progress we have made on jobs and how much further along on the path to recovery we might be if the GOP...

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Mitt Romney's October Surprise Arrives Early

(85) Comments | Posted September 12, 2012 | 3:07 PM

"A bit of a sugar-high..."

That's how Mitt Romney's campaign responded to news this week that a spat of independent national polls have their candidate trailing President Obama by as many as 6 points following the Democratic National Convention.

If Democrats were hocking sweets last weekend in Charlotte, they...

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Feel the "Excitement" of Tampa in August With Mitt Romney

(1) Comments | Posted August 30, 2012 | 3:30 PM

When I first took the plunge and began a career in politics against the advice of my conservative father, I worked for people like Tennessee's Lamar Alexander, former Congressman Jim Nussle, and John McCain during his 2000 campaign for president.

Yes, I was a Republican. But I was young and...

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Mitt Romney and the Temple of Womb

(49) Comments | Posted August 22, 2012 | 5:04 PM

Republicans today are absolutely obsessed with micromanaging women's -- cover your eyes, my right-wing friends -- vaginas.

Had I said that word aloud on the floor of the Michigan state legislature, I would likely have been banned from speaking any further by the Republican Majority just as to Rep....

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Ryan's 'Youthful Vigor' Won't Slow GOP's Demo Death March

(2) Comments | Posted August 13, 2012 | 2:39 PM

As Mitt Romney announced his vice presidential running mate over the weekend, the Beltway chattering class was quick to trumpet the supposed "youthful vigor" Paul Ryan's selection would inject in a campaign troubled by a summer of Olympic-size gaffes and sinking poll numbers.

In the hours...

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The 12 Republican Days of Christmas

(7) Comments | Posted December 15, 2011 | 5:43 PM

This year, the Republican nominating contest has been the gift that keeps on giving. With Christmas and the Iowa Caucuses just around the corner, and since I was not raised by wolves, I know one should always say thank you after receiving a gift. In the spirit of the season,...

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Meet Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential Running Mate

(59) Comments | Posted November 30, 2011 | 3:10 PM

We are just weeks away from the first votes being cast in the race for the Republican presidential nomination -- which means it is only a matter of time before Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and Jon Huntsman enter the ranks of presidential...

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Reality Check: Republican Losers Did Not Overreach

(94) Comments | Posted November 9, 2011 | 11:00 AM

Conventional wisdom pushers and the beltway chattering class have been scrambling to explain the crushing defeat Republicans suffered in last night's off-year election.

To hear them spin it, Republicans lost because they "overreached." The GOP went too far, they say.


Let me say this is as clearly and as...

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Less Vetting Than the Average Godfather's Pizza Delivery Boy

(0) Comments | Posted November 3, 2011 | 4:40 PM

If you haven't yet heard, the so-called "liberal media" is out to get Herman Cain.

To believe conservatives, members of a "liberal media" cabal began conspiring to take down the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza more than a decade ago when he was head lobbyist at the National Restaurant...

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GOP Blinded by Anti-Tax Madness this Halloween

(8) Comments | Posted October 28, 2011 | 12:20 PM

Every year at about this time, I break out my DVD of the 1936 anti-drug propaganda flick Reefer Madness. No it's not exactly the scariest movie one might choose when getting into the Halloween spirit, but few things are funnier than watching a film made more than 70 years...

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An Open Letter to the 2012 GOP Also-Rans

(7) Comments | Posted October 19, 2011 | 11:22 AM

Dear Republican Also-Rans:

It is time to give it up.

You will not be the Republican nominee next year. You will never be Commander-in-chief. You will never deliver a State of Union address. You will never call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue "home." Your wives, or husband in the case of Michele...

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The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly Because of Gays

(0) Comments | Posted October 15, 2011 | 12:24 PM

The 1956 Broadway classic My Fair Lady tells the story of lowly Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle who embarks on a mission to pass as a proper English lady with the help of professor Henry Higgins, a speech therapist.

Higgins does help Doolittle transform. But in the end, we...

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Republicans Infected by 'Constitutional Conservative' Virus

(2) Comments | Posted October 5, 2011 | 5:45 PM

A virus has taken hold within the modern conservative movement. No one knows for sure what has caused this plague but many believe it is transmitted through close contact at boisterous tea parties.

The most obvious, visible symptom is the incessant need to refer to oneself as a "constitutional conservative."

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Tea Partiers Should Seriously Consider Holding Their Applause

(2) Comments | Posted October 3, 2011 | 11:01 AM

"I can't trust Obama. I have read about him and he's not, he's not, uh, he's an Arab."

Those words, spoken by an elderly woman on microphone steps from Senator John McCain during a campaign rally, were among the defining moments of the 2008 election, which was plagued...

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Republican Class Genocide

(0) Comments | Posted September 20, 2011 | 3:30 AM

Apparently the president started another war on Monday and it has Republicans playing the role of hippy peacenik -- not to offend hippy peaceniks.

This isn't a war of bullets, missiles, known knowns or known unknowns. It is a war of words. Well, two words to be exact.


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How Republicans Crippled The United States Postal Service

(81) Comments | Posted September 14, 2011 | 11:40 AM

"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds," reads the unofficial motto of the United States Postal Service.

I guess no one ever thought it would be the Republican Party finishing off the Postal Service when...

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Reagan Would Not Be Invited to the GOP Tea Party

(13) Comments | Posted September 7, 2011 | 9:54 PM

At this Wednesday night's debate between 2012 Republican White House hopefuls at the Reagan Presidential Library, the former movie actor and president was name-dropped like a top Hollywood agent during awards season.

I guess you could say the endless Reagan-worshiping is the modern GOP equivalent of praying to a...

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The GOP Is a Disaster When It Comes to Disasters

(11) Comments | Posted August 31, 2011 | 2:49 PM

You've got to hand it to the Republicans. They're doing a heckuva job when it comes to their political posturing on emergency response and disaster preparedness. You know, like Michael "Heckuva Job" Brownie" did as George W. Bush's FEMA chief during Hurricane Katrina.

At least Brownie had an excuse....

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