08/12/2010 12:51 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

American Values

The wedding at T.J. Maxx featured last week on NBC's Today show has to make one wonder about values in the United States.

"Get Me To The T.J. Maxx On Time," was the title on the graphics for the segment.

National correspondent Amy Robach intoned that "conventional ceremonies are being tossed aside as couples look for innovative ways to personalize their big day."

Indeed, "Home Depot has seen its fair share of matrimonial glee," she reported, and Voodoo Doughnut, a "Portland, Oregon-based donut shop" has since opening in 2003 "held over 300 weddings."

She continued: "For Lisa Satayut and Drew Ellis, T.J. Max was their dream."

The bride declared on-camera: "A lot of my life decisions are connected to T.J. Maxx." Her soon-to-be husband, she added, "knows what the store means to me."

The groom explained: "For us, we feel we're being true to ourselves in getting married at a place that we have a bond at."

"I'm really looking forward to walking down the shoe aisle," the bride continued, noting, "When I walk down the aisle, I might skim the shoes but I'm going to try my hardest not to stop."

The wedding scene, in the shoe aisle, with a minister presiding was shown.

And there were comments from T.J. Max representatives. Jeremy Bastus said: "She's like clearly here at least once, twice, three times a week."

The segment can be seen here.

The T J. Maxx store where the wedding took place is in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Both bride and groom are connected to the Mount Pleasant Morning Sun. Satayut is a former reporter, Ellis a reporter there.

Covering the wedding, the newspaper related: "Shoppers still shopped--only the shoe department was closed--while some leaned on their carts to pause from their search through the clearance racks and watch the goings on."

Weddings are known to happen in weird places and in weird ways: on ferris wheels, skydiving down to a wedding site, bungee jumping after exchanging vows.

T.J. Maxx's slogan these days is "where fashionistas become maxxinistas." Add to that: weddinginistas.

Meanwhile, what about America's biggest store: Walmart? Yes, weddings have been happening there. On the website, there's s a discussion of this. One person comments: "I'm just curious as to what the return policy is on a Walmart marriage. Do you have to have your receipt?"

America in 2010.