01/08/2008 10:40 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Leader With a Clear Vision for Our Future

Thirty-eight years ago I found myself pregnant, abandoned, a penniless mother of three struggling to feed and care for my children. It was a frightening experience; one that inspired and directed my life's work to fight for those women living on the margins, desperate for dignity and economic security, but powerless to change the condition of their lives.

This has also been Senator John Edward's fight and that is why I am supporting him. 2008 is an historic election and the Democratic field is filled with extraordinary candidates, all of whom would serve our country far better than this president has served us, but Senator Edwards stands above the rest.

I have known John for nearly a decade and there is no one more dedicated to the issues most important to women. His commitment is based on where women are: in poverty, lacking health care, in low wage jobs, facing job and economic insecurity and poor education, fearful of the future. John's work focuses on the realities of their lives. He speaks for those who have no voice. His campaign is for the working and middle class, the backbone of our country, who find their future is less and less secure and their grip on even the smallest share of our nation's promise, slipping.

John has always been unafraid to speak out for what is right, for what must be done. He will be aggressive about ending the war, ensuring health care for every American, reforming education and protecting the environment.

This is a time when we need a leader in the White House with a clear vision for our future. Someone prepared restore our nation's standing in the world, someone committed to making sure that when our nation moves forward, we do so together, as one country, united, strong and hopeful. John Edwards is that leader.

Kate Michelman is one of the most respected and influential women in America today. For nearly 20 years, she served as President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, catapulting the organization to prominence as the nation's premier reproductive rights group. Under Kate's leadership, NARAL Pro-Choice America transformed the political debate and positioned a woman's freedom to choose as a fundamental American liberty. She currently serves as a senior adviser to John Edwards.