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Kate Young


Boy Style

Posted: 09/01/2011 12:06 pm

This week I was in the Chanel showroom pulling dresses for a premiere and saw a great bag. It's called the "boy" bag and it's so, so good. I love the color of the flat glazed leather and the constructivist chain. Additionally, the hardware looks fresh. I also love the name. It's named for both Coco Chanel's androgynous style and her lover boy Capel.... which got me thinking about "boy style."

It's not new and I'm ALWAYS into it... but there's some good stuff going on right now. The model I'm most obsessed with is Saskia de Brauw because she embodies what I love about the look. She's tall, thin and beautiful, of course - but there's more there - she's older and she looks smart, strong and most of all cool. Check her out here.

Another androgynous look I love - Inez van Lamsweerde at the CFDA awards a month ago in jeans, boots and a super chic and graphic black and white tuxedo jacket from Jason Wu. She looked so effortless and sexy in an easy, unfussy, confident way. It's so much more exciting to see than another bright and tight cocktail dress worn with perfect hair and makeup. Inez is really good at the boy thing - her hair, face and figure are so sexy and womanly and it's all kind of amplified when she's dressed like a boy.

I love a high heel - usually the higher the better - but recently I'm into the idea of a little masculine swagger. I want to wear a tight trouser with a button down shirt and wool peacoat with a masculine boot like the Ashley from Alexander Wang. Basically, I'm going to pretend to be bob dylan....

I think I'm also going to trade in the stan smith's that I've been wearing this summer for a pair of dirty sneakers like the ones from golden goose. They remind me of high school afternoons watching boys at the half pipe.

The absolute mecca for all of this is TomboyStyle - one of my very favorite blogs. Lizzie has a fantastic eye for old and new and is so good at finding where to buy the stuff her images make you want. She has a book coming out in spring that i'm really looking forward to.