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Russian heritage, British education and an MA in Applied Imagination. Have been applying that imagination to global brands as well as start ups, now working with some of the brightest tech entrepreneurs in SF and Europe.

Believe that style is a way of life and have a digital DNA. Speak a number of European languages, bringing up two kids to speak some more.

My Soviet upbringing ensures a healthy longing towards culture, arts, sports and human progress.

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Multimedia Reflections on Georgian Heritage and Identity.

(1) Comments | Posted February 1, 2015 | 3:24 PM


I have always been fascinated by Georgian culture. The sensuality, self irony, delicacy, tact and tradition - its neorealist qualities, brought to life with a unique cultural aesthetic, through the cinematic lense and prism of the arts. Georgian arts offer an encounter with...

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Sholpan Sharbakova Liberates Canvas

(0) Comments | Posted December 10, 2014 | 4:03 AM

(photo by ukatephoto.com)

For some people creativity is a state of living - a condition which guides their every day and possesses their mind until the daily potion of creative sparks finds their way out onto a canvas, into the musical notes...

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The Launch of a Graduate Fashion Brand Unum Nulla

(0) Comments | Posted June 15, 2014 | 9:59 AM


Marketing is both the holy grail and a nightmare of corporations and young designers alike, but especially the latter. Marketing puzzles most creative minds as an inconvenient afterthought, after the masterpiece has been produced and exhibited and much after the encouraging lights of...

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Natural Entrepreneurship - Turning a Passion Into Profession, With Alix Bateman

(0) Comments | Posted May 29, 2014 | 5:25 AM

What inspired me about Alix?

The ability to accept carrots and sticks with equal measure and move forward, creating professional opportunities out of passions, hobbies and talents. Alix is the epitome of the natural entrepreneur, who turns desires into expertise and proceeds to get admiration and support from clients...

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Do You COUP? London's Finest Bohemian Events, With Artist Curator Iulia Filipovscaia

(0) Comments | Posted December 4, 2013 | 7:55 AM


It's midnight, in Paris. In pursuit of inspiration you are walking in the empty streets until suddenly the door of a passing-by carriage opens and your luck strikes. It's Fitzgerald and Hemingway gesturing you in, offering you a drink and inviting you to...

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Seventh Russian Film Festival Opens to Great Acclaim

(1) Comments | Posted November 10, 2013 | 11:18 AM


As Russians we love the phenomena of 'storm in a glass'. These so called short time periods of acute drama and apocalypsis give generations, raised by compulsory intake of Onegin, Tosca and Lermontov's demons, much needed adrenalin.

'Storm in a glance' is...

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Music as a Sixth Sense - Interview with Sholpan Sharbakova

(0) Comments | Posted June 13, 2013 | 6:27 PM

Sholpan Sharbakova, the classical pianist, graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in London and Gnessins Academy of Music in Moscow and a soloist with the Astana State Philarmonia talks about music as an Olympic sport, the influence of the Kazakhstan upbringing and the importance of teaching music to kids.

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Russian Easter and Inspiration from Fabergé

(0) Comments | Posted May 2, 2013 | 7:31 AM

It's Russian Easter and we are hopping about the kitchens with onion skins, beetroots and other century old staining materials. Kids are watching on with suspicion and interest. Their half-british heritage and hours of private art tutoring is making them question the methods, but curiosity takes over and they join...

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Become Iron Man Ahead of Iron Man 3 Movie Launch

(0) Comments | Posted April 2, 2013 | 5:41 AM

Earlier this year women all over the world got to know what super rich playboy philanthropists do with their life in the stirring action of Christian Grey and now it's payback time for guys. Refreshingly, this Spring rich playboy philanthropists are doing shiny armour, beautiful women and breathtaking adventures, all...

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One Thousand Years of Russian Literature Comes to London This March

(0) Comments | Posted March 3, 2013 | 8:40 AM


From Pushkin to Pelevin, Dostoevsky to Shishkin, Tolstoy to Bykov - literature has always been Russia's calling card. The stories, insights into human nature, philosophical musings and debates of Russian literature and its writers continue to engage and inspire readers all over...

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St Valentines Story Inspired by Erno Laszlo

(0) Comments | Posted February 13, 2013 | 7:17 AM


'Beauty is ageless' said Erno Laszlo. His signature under these words and his dedication to Beauty make him the utmost authority. His Beauty is an inspired dedication to a vision, a vision that requires a dream. Once there is a dream, the beauty ritual...

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Dryathlon for Cancer Research, Russian Style

(0) Comments | Posted January 31, 2013 | 11:41 AM

To drink or not to drink? Not to drink, said Cancer Research, challenging its supporters to join a good cause to become a Dryathlete for a month and 35,000 Britons have risen to the occasion.


It's a worthy proposal and from a European...

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Masters In Applied Imagination From Central St Martins in London

(0) Comments | Posted January 8, 2013 | 8:21 AM

There is one course at University of the Arts, which attracts a lot of curious attention and 'tell me more' type of conversations. After having it on my CV for a couple of years, I went back to see the current students, their work in progress and the final degree...

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New Year wishlist with Fabergé

(0) Comments | Posted December 21, 2012 | 5:31 AM


There once lived a princess, a glamorous girl. She loved all fine things like diamonds, emeralds and fur. One winter evening she couldn't resist, London's most beautiful jewels address: Russian by heritage, opulent style, modern upbringing has that brand. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls, set...

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TomTom Goes 'Almost' Viral to Give More This Christmas

(0) Comments | Posted December 7, 2012 | 8:20 AM

The nature of a true viral is that it's contagious. Whether a deadly disease or a friendly video, the impulse to share is subconscious. So when there is a case for an 'almost' viral, would the desire be as strong?


TomTom's latest campaign, launched...

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Nokia Gets a Winner With the World of Red Bull App

(0) Comments | Posted December 4, 2012 | 5:44 AM

"This is super dope", says Marko Grilc in a melodic Slovenian accent. The rockstar snowboarder is talking about something in the palm of his hand. His boyish grin wide across his face and his Red Bull cap turned downwards, he is all zoned in: "Look, here I am,...

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'The Ones Who Do' Greece Faces the Spirit of Action at the TEDxAthens

(2) Comments | Posted November 27, 2012 | 6:19 AM

TED is this incredibly inspiring global format of 18 minute long talks from the world's thinkers of all professions: polar explorers, quantum physicists, tech entrepreneurs, creatives. It is for people who have something to say.

TEDxAthens this November, took the format even further by focusing on 'The Ones Who Do'....

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Russian Art is Hot, says The Saatchi

(0) Comments | Posted November 22, 2012 | 4:16 AM

When Vogue says 'black' is in fashion, the world obliges to attend, and when Saatchi says Russia is hot, the art world clears its monocles and nods in approval. And so Saatchi did.

Yesterday's official launch of the Saatchi exhibitions 'Gaiety is the most outstanding feature of the Soviet Union'...

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'B', Call me Mrs B, Spell-Bound By the Matriarch of Browns

(0) Comments | Posted November 16, 2012 | 6:04 AM

Mrs B commands a majestic entrance, coming up on to the dramatically lit stage of the evening talk in her name at London's Arts Club. If not for the dark dress (Lanvin, beautifully tailored) and unusual, striking jewellery, I would swear I might have mistaken her for a matriarch of...

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The Rise of the Tech Female Networks in the UK

(0) Comments | Posted November 8, 2012 | 7:28 AM

British women are doing it all over again. Having won the battle over 100 years ago, their current agenda is yet again a winning ticket. Having spoken to a number of young female and male entrepreneurs and having attended a number of recent tech events, it's official. Being a woman...

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