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'30 Rock': 'There's No I In America' Open Thread

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Another week, another new episode, albeit on an unusual day this week. Welcome to this week's open comment thread for "There's No I In America," the Oct. 31 episode of "30 Rock" (Season 7, Episode 5). It will still air at its usual time slot at 8/7c.

Once you've seen the episode, the comment section below is here for you and all your ranting and praising needs. Tonight is the follow up to last week's dramatic realization that Jenna may be the deciding factor in the presidential election, so Jack and Liz will be doing everything in their power to woo her to their respective sides. Meanwhile, Kenneth learns about voting (which just seems silly because as we all know, choosing is a sin, so best to just write in the Lord's name).

Tell us what you thought below!

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How was episode 5?