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Kathie McClure

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Maine Women Flex Voting Muscle in Key U.S. Senatorial Race

(1) Comments | Posted October 8, 2012 | 11:41 AM

Maine Women Demand Yes/No Answers from U.S. Senatorial Candidates

Maine women know how to corral politicians into definitive positions. Unlike poor Jim Lehrer in the Obama-Romney debate, moderator Anne Schink brooked no misbehavior from five candidates vying for Olympia Snowe's open Senate seat at the Maine Women's Policy Center's Forum...

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Your Health Care Up for Sale

(1) Comments | Posted July 11, 2012 | 3:43 PM

I was seated on a mahogany pew inside the Supreme Court's chamber on June 28 as Chief Justice John Roberts began to announce the majority's decision on the Affordable Care Act before 400 tense, expectant observers. Many there that day hailed from Capitol Hill, K Street, and the boardrooms of...

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Supreme Court Conservatives: Clueless, Callous and Poised for a Power Grab

(28) Comments | Posted June 14, 2012 | 12:24 PM

2012-06-13-justices.jpgMy family nervously awaits the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act that will prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions starting in 2014. A decision striking down the individual mandate, or worse still the entire law, will...

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SCOTUS: No Cameras, but a Place on the Sidewalk for Everyman

(5) Comments | Posted April 4, 2012 | 2:28 PM

I wanted to see the Supreme Court's health care arguments with my own two eyes because my family has a lot riding on the outcome. My kids are sick with incurable illnesses and are uninsurable in the private insurance market. Obamacare will fix that in 2014 if the law survives...

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The Rule of Law on the Line

(3) Comments | Posted March 20, 2012 | 6:04 PM

2012-03-19-images-justices.jpgThe United States Supreme Court has given an implicit "thumbs down" to television coverage of next week's three days of oral argument on the legal challenges to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Facing a tsunami of public interest in...

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The Case for Cameras in the Supreme Court

(33) Comments | Posted March 20, 2012 | 12:09 PM

At precisely 10:00 a.m. March 26, in a marble palace atop a hill in Washington, D.C., nine Supreme Court justices will emerge from behind red velvet curtains to begin an unprecedented six hours of oral argument over three days. In the case known as Florida vs. Department of Health and...

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Health Insurance Greed -- From Bad to Worse

(1) Comments | Posted August 28, 2009 | 12:35 PM

Our family's health care story got air time on CNN today, but this clip doesn't tell the latest chapter. The news is that I'm about to embark on another journey that will make our health insurance woes even worse.

You see, tomorrow...

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Health Care Industry and Congress -- We're on to You, and We're not Going to Take It Anymore

(14) Comments | Posted July 8, 2009 | 11:52 AM

This piece originally appeared in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Why would an otherwise sane Atlanta soccer mom brave hail, snow and tornadoes to drive across the nation inspiring others to petition lawmakers? What possessed throngs of Montanans to surround their U.S. senator's offices in protest? Why would thousands of Seattleites...

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