10/14/2010 01:55 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

10 Reasons Why Reagan Is Not the Answer


Despite being a true "celebrity" president, Ronald Reagan shouldn't be our role model for change. And, nonetheless, we regularly see him applauded in contradistinction to President Obama. In 2011 coming to theaters near you, we will finally have a motion picture to help us fully appreciate Reagan's leadership- according to Hollywood, of course.

In a Newsmax interview with Michael Reagan, Sarah Palin says it is almost "sinful" not to learn from President Reagan:

Reagan: "Do you think we can learn from what my father did in the nineteen-eighties and apply it today."

Palin: "It's almost sinful to think we wouldn't learn from what your father applied to get the economy back on the right track to secure our nation. And he called it like he saw it. [...] it wasn't going to be about growing government to rule us it was going to be a self-rule by individuals... All those things that we have--fortune situation to today of being able to hold onto to look backward from him and apply. We're idiots if we don't apply it."

Amid the extremism taking control of the right by Neo-John Birchers like co-eds studying at Glenn Beck University and those Tea Partiers, Reagan emerges as the more moderate figurehead for conservative allies. All the nostalgia seems to overshadow the missteps and political ideology that caused much social suffering under his leadership. During what is shaping up to be a new era of "culture wars," WWRD (What Would Reagan Do) may not be the smartest strategy for survival.

Here are a few Reaganisms to refresh your political memory:
  1. During his inauguration speech Reagan stated "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem." He spent the next eight years proving himself right.
  2. Reaganonmics: the reverse engineering of "trickle up" economics.
  3. Iran Contra Affair.... remember that terribly illegal, human rights snafu?
  4. U.S. faced largest budget deficit under his tenor.
  5. Busting that little Air Traffic Controller strike union buster lead to an influx of under- qualified controllers in the industry.
  6. "Future lies before us." It sure does, Mr. President. Channeling Bush II.
  7. He fell asleep during meetings - perhaps most notably during a state dinner at the Kremlin. During President Gorbachev's toast.
  8. Harboring junk bond kings, the Reagan administration under Bush I lent a hand stoking the Savings and Loans Crisis.
  9. Bolstering Bush I's political career and thus setting American up for Bush II.
  10. The Tea Party loves him.