02/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

How About Some of that Blago to Go?

Give me some of that! Wow! What line was the yet unborn Governor Blagojevich in that most of us missed trying to order a better looking nose or an endearing smile?

I've met many extremely talented and intelligent people. I've never ceased to be amazed at how many of them are modest, even insecure. After presenting a great speech they ask, "How did that go?" "Was it okay?" "Are you sure?" I've coached and advised people with extreme talent. Many lacked one thing - self-confidence.

Then there are people like Governor Blagojevich. Now, I don't know how guilty this man is, but it's difficult to make as many enemies as he has without doing some questionable things. Some may think he's been framed. Others that he's a scapegoat. In any case, he is a piece of work.

Statistically speaking, you have to wonder how often extraordinary confidence conjoins with exemplary character and how often it partners with immorality. I'd like to submit that research proposal for funding.

We need to know how to foster in our most promising, honest, capable people a strong sense of confidence so that they exceed the levels to which the less deserving often rise simply by believing in themselves.

Blagojevich, by any reasonable standard, ought to be beside himself with embarrassment over the Illinois legislature 114 to 1 vote to impeach him. Yet he stood up in front of cameras, told us how he saved a life and then recited from Tennyson. He promised to fight on.

After you finish being amazed or appalled, you have to wonder how many people like this are running our country -- simply because they thought they could.

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