Is This Laptop Frying My ... (Ahem) Lap? (AUDIO)

05/17/2010 08:58 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Like most people, a lot of the work I do is done on a laptop. Whether it's show research, prep, blog writing, video editing, Skyping with my team or messing on Facebook...99 percent of the time I am doing it from my laptop. And a good percentage of that time, I have my computer directly on my lap. And as I sit there for hours and that sucker heats up, I can't help but think, "Am I frying my ovaries?"

What about cell phones, Wi-Fi, power lines, radio alarm clocks, heating pads, x-rays, microwaves and every other electronic device that has become part of doing life in 2010? Does having this kind of constant contact with electromagnetic fields (EMF) put us at higher risk for things like cancer? What does this exposure mean for kids and their growing brains and rapidly dividing cells?

Flashback to 1991

I was fresh out of college and landed my first real job at a cellular phone company. That was back in the day when hand-held cell phones were huge. We're talking five inches deep with a giant stiff antenna coming out the end. It was like holding a phone book with the spine against your ear. Smug brat that I was, I thought I was all-that-and-then-some because I was the only person I knew who had one. But that also means that every day since 1991, my brain has been exposed to a cell phone smashed against my head. I'm not thinking I was so cool anymore...

Frightening research

I decided to talk to Dr. Martin Blank, a professor of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University--one of the few scientists sounding the alarm. It turns out when you look at the data that is not industry funded, we get a much more uncomfortable picture of the health risks of EMF. Thank you, thank you Dr. Blank for having the guts to speak up:

Hear Dr. Blank's warning in this 2-minute snippet from my radio show:

Listen to the whole interview: