05/10/2011 05:43 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Power of Your Own Story: A Boon to Conscious Entrepreneurs

How Your Own Life Experience Reveals Your Genius And Provides Your Ultimate Market Advantage

In preparing to teach our "Conscious Entrepreneurs" program, I (GH) made a little video that shows how your own story has a magic power embedded in it. Here's the key point: Not only does your own story contain the seeds of your genius, but it will also help you discover what I call your Transformational Magic Power. Your TMP determines your ability to create a space in which others can move rapidly toward fulfilling their true potential. Your TMP is the sum total of the creative possibilities you're broadcasting to others, even when your mouth is closed.

What is it about you that does or doesn't inspire transformation in others? That's a question I asked myself once upon a time, and it led to a discovery that helped me build several thriving businesses.

Thirty years ago, when Kathlyn and I were setting up our own transformation business, I discovered a secret. Here it is: You already have your Transformational Magic Power in your possession. You may not be able to define it or articulate it yet, but I haven't met anyone yet who didn't have a Transformational Magic Power worth cultivating. You may not yet know how to harness its full power to help you create life-satisfaction and financial well-being, but I'm convinced you have that capability. Not only that, I'm confident you can do whatever miracles you want to accomplish in your life with it. I used its power to create an abundance of life satisfaction while also creating several multi-million dollar businesses that have thrived steadily through all the ups and downs of the economy since the early '80s.

Now, here's an even more valuable secret, one that becomes a source of great market advantage in business: There's only one of you. You are unique, and anything there's "only one of" is perfectly positioned to create a thriving business and a happy life. If you understand your story and feel your way deeply into the very essence of it, there you will find a Transformation Magic Power that you can extend to other people. In my experience, there is no greater life satisfaction than giving the gift of your magic power to other people. If you so choose, you can offer that magic power to others through your consulting, your teaching and your other callings in the world. If you want to create a thriving business, you can also turn your Transformational Magic Power into a tremendous source of abundance. Even though I've thrived from that discovery for many years, it still thrills me every day and inspires me to share it with others.

I invite you to ask yourself: What's my story? What have I learned from it that can change the lives of others? How can my story serve me in my quest for love, abundance and life-satisfaction?

I made a little video that explains more about your Transformational Magic Power and how to access it. You can view it here.

Let us know if you resonate with this principle. We'd love to hear from other conscious entrepreneurs who've turned the power of their own story into magic.

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