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Caught in the Act: Naomi Natale Collects One Million Bones for Genocide Awareness (VIDEO)

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Hundreds and thousands of people are being killed and displaced daily in conflict areas such as Sudan, Burma and the Congo. This is a fact that is difficult to believe, but one that definitely deserves recognition and action.

Recently I met a young activist, Naomi Natale, who is using her creativity to not only raise awareness about the atrocities occurring abroad, but also to raise funds to support displaced survivors. Her project, One Million Bones, calls us to construct our own "bones" out of plaster, wood, papier-mâché, clay or fabric and sponsor each bone with a five dollar donation.

Representing the lives taken by these conflicts, the bones will be displayed in an installation at the National Mall in Washington, DC and the funds will go directly to nonprofits working on the ground to help the displaced survivors of these genocides.

See what Naomi has to say about her project when I caught her in the act in Malibu, California.

Caught in the Act: Naomi Natale from Creative Visions Foundation on Vimeo.

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