08/12/2011 08:20 am ET | Updated Dec 21, 2011

Celeb Stay-Slim Secret: Work Out In Your Kitchen

I believe that you can accomplish a lot when you are organized. We've all seen many expert organizational designers get homes, closets and offices organized. Well you can do the same with your refrigerator...really! We all go to the grocery store and purchase all of these great vegetables and fruits with the best of intentions that we will incorporate them into healthy meals that week. Well, our busy lives take over, a week goes by (or longer) and all of sudden you smell that pungent odor coming from your fridge. You forgot what you had in there!

You can save so much money and time by taking a few lessons from Sunday Set-Up, my new food program. I will show you what you need to purchase and how to organize it in your refrigerator. My celebrity clients include Kaley Cuoco, Mel B, Nancy O'Dell, Tiffani Thiessen, Regina King, Rebecca Romijn, Amber Valleta, Angie Harmon and David Boreanaz, just to name a few. They've had me come to their homes to organize and transform their refrigerators, but it also translated into a huge cost and time saving concept which they are now implementing in their households.

The concept is quite simple: you make a list of what to buy (your favorite grain and lean protein, along with fresh fruits and veggies) and store it in glass-lock containers. I suggest using these containers which are made of tempered glass (you can see what's inside), air tight and can go from the freezer to microwave to dishwasher. They are also great daily reminders of what you have in the fridge, such as grab and run snacks -- the old adage "out of sight, out of mind" rings true, if it is staring you in the face every day, you know what you have to eat. All of these brightly colored fruits and veggies will inspire you to make a healthy salad, pasta or soup and not run to the closest fast-food restaurant after a long day at work.

Sunday Set-Up is simple, it just takes 45 minutes on Sunday (or any day of the week) to prep and chop. In between chopping, grab a chair in the kitchen and combine ten tricep dips and ten sit-down squats; so you would do ten dips and ten squats while you wait for your brown rice or quinoa to cook. If you join the club, you will receive seven new recipes every week for supper, sides, salads and more. My philosophy is to keep it real when it comes to your meals. If you can count back one step to the original state of the food, then that should be your choice. Like an apple, it is one step from the tree. The closer to "real" the better.

Let's make your health a priority and organize your refrigerator to be the "hub of healthy eating." Let's not also forget that you also have to organize your workout routine, by setting up a calendar (post it on the fridge as a daily reminder) of the days you are going to workout and what body part is your focus that week. For me, I love cardio, but I cannot do it every day, so maybe you figure Monday is for yoga, Tuesday is the Kathy Kaehler step workout; Wednesday is a rest day and you can do planks while watching TV that night.

The idea is to get some sort of physical activity every day, but it does not have to be an intense workout. It can be an evening walk with your husband, boyfriend, friend, kids or dog (I think I mentioned all the important people in your life!). As a Sunday Set-Up Club Member, you can get personally trained by me every month with my web workouts in the club. This might be the starting point to getting your total health package organized.

Believe me, your waistline and wallet will thank you. Here's just a taste of what Sunday Set-Up recipes are all about -- they are easy to make, but will also keep you feeling satiated, not bloated on those hot summer days and evenings. Make enough for you, friends and family! I can guarantee that one of these recipes will become your staple; all of my friends have a favorite. Julia Roberts loves the kale chips!

Sunday Set-Up Recipes