11/12/2011 11:38 am ET | Updated Jan 12, 2012

How to Manage Healthy Living While Traveling

Healthy living is a problem that many face as they head out on the road. Whether you are a business traveler, vacationer or an entertainer who spends many nights away from the comfort of your home, maintaining a healthy routine can be challenging. Comedienne Anjelah Johnson ( expressed that concern exactly. She maintains an excruciating travel schedule with her stand-up comedy all over the country, where she entertains nightly with hilarious routines including her infamous YouTube "Nail Salon." I was happy to offer her some healthy travel tricks that can improve your next road trip as well.

I met Anjelah a few months back during one of my Sunday Set-Up™ ( Celebrity Kitchen Tours. I loved her at first sight. Super cute, funny and very excited to learn healthy eating habits. What I didn't address for her at the time was how to do this on the road, at the airport, on the plane, in the hotel room or in the car. Check out my tips and tricks to keep you on track.

If I have a kitchenette in my hotel room, what are some easy snacks and meals that I can fix so I can skip room service and have stuff ready to eat?

If you have a kitchenette and you like eggs, get a dozen and boil them. They work great for breakfast or sliced on a room service dinner salad. Also, my favorite snack is taking a piece of Laughing Cow triangle cheese, a slice of egg and two flat pretzels. Yum!

If you love chips and salsa, skip room service and save yourself a boat load of cash as well as calories. Just bake them. Buy a jar of Pace salsa and a package of whole wheat tortillas. Cut them in to four pie shapes, spray with a cooking spray or a thin drizzle of olive oil. Sprinkle sea salt and bake at 375 degrees for eight minutes or until crispy. So yum, so easy and better for you and your wallet.

Don't forget while at the market to look for those freshly-roasted chickens. Buy one and then have the deli take all the meat with the skin removed and put in a container or plastic bag. This way you can have roasted chicken without all the mess in the hotel room. This is a great source of protein, tastes more homemade and way better than take out or room service.

I love having a baked potato but the price from room service is crazy ridiculous, not to mention by the time it gets to your room it is soft and usually room temp. Yuck! At the market make sure you pick up a few baking potatoes or better yet a sweet potato, which is loaded with vitamin A. Bake them in the oven for a crispy outside or in the microwave. Once they are done, add a Laughing Cow cheese triangle and some of the roasted chicken. You will be totally satisfied.

Fruit is also a great choice that is nutritious and filling. Apples so great with the "ha-ha" cheese as well. This snack is filling and loaded with nutrition. Never leave home without them.

What to eat in the airport?

The airport can be a healthy eater's frightmare. When grabbing a snack, look away is what I say. Get the almonds and, if you have to have something sweet, stick with a piece of real plain dark chocolate. This is where nutrition bars can come in handy. I always carry them on me.

If you are grabbing a sandwich, go for ones that have protein and some veggies. Skip the mayo salad-type ones.

Whether you are like Anjelah and deal with craft service tables, green rooms or banquets where you are faced with a buffet of choices, think about the triangle of food. Opt for a protein, a fat and a carb (e.g., a piece of cheese and a slice of apple, a baked chip dipped in hummus or a grouping of fresh veggies with avocado, hummus or Greek yogurt to dip into).

When you're eating dinner at a restaurant or event, ask to have cut veggies instead of a bread basket. Try to not look at the menu, and order something simple like grilled chicken or fish or a lean cut of beef. If you order grilled veggies, go light on the oil. Make sure you express to the waiter exactly how you like things prepared. Stick with sauces on the side or no sauce, as this is a hiding place for extra calories. If you choose the pasta, ask for more veggies than the actual noodles. Having fries with your dinner? Make sure you have a protein to balance out the calories.

What should I always have in my bag?

Raw almonds are a great snack that you should have with you at all times. They take away the hunger.

Exercise on the road... How do I do it?

This is where sneaking in a few minutes of exercise will help your energy. In the Sunday Set-Up™ Club, I have individual workouts that you can follow right in your hotel room. Here are few exercises you can do on your next trip. On the way to your room, do walking lunges. These are great for your legs and butt, and you can challenge yourself with how many you can do before you get to your room.

In the room you can use the desk chair for triceps dips as long as the chair doesn't have wheels. Otherwise use the bed. Again, with a no-wheel chair you can do sit down, stand up squats. Try and do a minute's worth. Also sit up against the wall. By having your back on the wall and your legs bent, you act as if you are sitting in a chair. See if you can stay there as long as the commercial break when watching something on TV. Grab a towel and lie on the floor. Put your feet up on the bed and do crunches and then hip lifts. Try for 20 each and then repeat a few times. It's a great burn for butt and abs.

All of these actions that you choose to do while away from home will help keep you in the right direction -- the healthy direction. Thank you Anjelah for the great topic about the challenges of staying healthy on the road. Hopefully these ideas can be incorporated into your next travel gig and, for those who travel on a regular basis, make their trips a little healthier.

Till next time... Kathy