11/04/2008 08:54 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jews for McCain/The Great Kvetch

Send this video to all the Jews you know who are on the fence. If you have grandparents of the Floridian persuasion, and you can't embark on the Great Schlep, be a great kvetch and send them this video, or play it for them over the phone.

And here's great rhetorical tool to use with people who fancy themselves AI-PAC loyalists and lovers of Israel: "Bubbe, Zayde, AI-PAC gave Obama an 100 out of 100. Do you really think you're better at vetting than AI-PAC? You think someone could pull the wool over AI-PAC's eyes? What are you saying about AI-PAC?"

Even if you can't convince them that Obama isn't a Muslim (or that being a Muslim isn't a bad thing), at least you can point out that Sarah Palin is a real meshugana!