07/29/2009 05:51 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Vegan Living: Gossip Girl's Vegan Joke

I don't look to the Upper East Siders of "Gossip Girl" for (intentional) comedy. Everyone knows the really funny stuff is on the west side, where Jerry Seinfeld and Tina Fey live. But the attempt at humor on this week's "Gossip Girl" hit a new low when Blair made a joke about veganism that fell flatter than Aaron Rose's range of emotions.

As Serena prepares to attend Brown University, she jokes about dreadlocking her hair and Blair sarcastically suggests getting "a jumpstart on [Serena's] veganism" with some seitan.

"I can't imagine anything better . . . or grosser," Serena says.

Groan. "Gossip Girl" writers, really? Vegan cookbook "Skinny Bitch in the Kitch" is still on Amazon's list of the top 25 cookbooks even a year after being published, the CDC is reporting that 1 in 200 American kids are vegetarian but you're still making jokes about vegan food being gross and only something people with dreadlocks (read: crunchy hippies) would eat? It's time to grab your Marc Jacobs trench and step outside of the writers' room for a minute.

In addition to being terribly outdated, referring to vegan food as gross shows how uninformed the writers are. There are vegetarian restaurants around the country that are serving innovative and delicious meatless dishes, and Gossip Girl's hometown of New York City has some of the best. Perhaps before writing another circa 1987 vegan joke, the writers should try the sweet and sour seitan nuggets at Tiengarden in the Lower East Side or the flame-grilled seitan skewers at Blossom in Chelsea or the soul chicken platter at Red Bamboo in Greenwich Village (and Brooklyn, but with the things they write about that borough I don't think they're welcome there).

It's time a different diet became the butt of the joke. I nominate the high fat, high red-meat-intake Atkins diet. I can't imagine anything grosser.