09/17/2010 12:06 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hello, Dark Circles and Coffee

I am a night owl and an early riser.

That statement might be as confusing as what I have been learning in my Western political thought class at Oakland University. For instance, did you know that something is and is not at the same time and thus cannot exist?

Anyhow, I should get back to what I intended on writing about: my sporadic sleep habits that are a result of taking the aforementioned college course along with three others, completing an internship and editing a college newspaper.

One might ask exactly how being an early riser and night owl works, since students are usually one or the other. Perhaps my days may be loaded with too many tasks. Here's how it works.

I usually get into my bed, a utilitarian Ikea frame with accompanying $99 mattress, at 10 p.m. That should be a reasonable time Dr. Michael J. Breus would approve of, right? However, I just said that I got into my bed and made no mention of sleep.

As I mentioned before, I'm permanently glued to my laptop and latest gadget, the Blackberry, in order to constantly read the hundred e-mails that come into my inboxes each day. I work until all of my projects for the day are completed and reading for classes is completed and then snuggle with my cell phone.

I then wake when my phone buzzes in my face at 6:30 a.m. in order to finish up any additional homework and drive to school to be on time for 8 a.m. classes five days a week. That alone would wreak havoc on a body, but add on some late newspaper production nights and sports practice.

I blame journalism again because it is what keeps me going. Why else would I deal with a full day of class and interning Monday, classes and working at the newspaper until 2 in the morning on Tuesday, another early day of classes and interning Wednesday and ... well, you get the picture.

Obviously, my inability to focus is clear and those around me have noticed the perpetual sniffles that seem to plague every conversation. Despite exercising regularly -- or at least trying to -- my health hasn't been in its best condition.

It also probably doesn't help that even my fellow student journalists -- those who have no problem consuming copious amounts of free food on campus -- have pointed out my bad eating habits as of lately.

Maybe absentmindedly scarfing down an entire box of white cheddar Cheez-Its while addressing a conference table full of people isn't the best idea. In retrospect, eating the whole bag of mint Milano cookies while editing probably was not a good decision either.

Basically, everything about my behavior is wrong and am showing all the signs of sleep deprivation. I go to sleep late and wake early, am not eating healthy, perhaps have a bit too much on my plate and find it difficult to complete one task at a time.

I would not trade any of this for anything, though because I love the pressure and stress. A break would be nice, though, and I have learned to slow down a bit.

Little by little, I'm taking advice on how to sleep better. I have already begun improving ... at least I am in bed right now.