Would You Be More Successful If You Golfed?

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I've met plenty of people who are interested in golf but are afraid to get started. Golf is foreign, something "other people" or even "rich people" do. foremickey Fear of the unknown = TERRIBLE reason not to do something. So I asked Merryll McElwain, a former golf pro turned financial advisor, to help out those of you with little to no experience with the sport. She has some great advice -- especially for women. Golf doesn't need be a "boy's club."

Tell me in the comments: Is golf a "must" or a "meh" in your business?

Former Golf Pro Merryll McElwain on Getting Started with Golf

Former golf-pro turned Financial Analyst

Why is golf so important to relationship building? Why for women especially?

Merryll: Golf is one of the only sports where you get extensive quality time and conversation with someone. On the golf course, you have several hours of conversation available in between shots to really get to know someone. Golf has typically been a business tool for men. Women have used other ways to build relationships. I hear all the time from successful women who are frustrated with how difficult it is to break into the men's club. Golf, in my opinion, is an excellent tool to do that.

Does it matter if you're really not a great player?

Merryll: There are so many things that do matter, but level of play is not one of them. Many executives are average or below average golfers. If you're taking the game up late in life, you are not expected to be good.

What are a few tactical steps anyone can take to learn how to play golf in 30 days?

See the rest of Merryll's great tactical advice on Keith Ferrazzi's blog. Don't forget to comment!