04/20/2012 04:25 pm ET Updated Jun 20, 2012

Has The Good Wife Given Us the Meanest Mother-in-law in TV History?

For fans of The Good Wife, this season has been full of surprising plot twists and unexpected cliffhangers: Will Peter run for governor? Will Alicia support him if he does? Will Chandler from Friends remain a recurring character or disappear abruptly just like that blonde girl who got the job because she was the niece of one of the partners at the firm? But perhaps the most pressing question of all: Who will ultimately win the showdown between the show's title character, "good wife" Alicia Florrick, and her mother-in-law Jackie, a woman who would give Lady Macbeth the willies? When it comes to awful fictional mothers-in-law, as far as I'm concerned, Jackie Florrick secured her place among the greats in last week's episode. Let's take a look back at some of her fellow Hall-of-Famers, television's most horrifying mothers-in-law through the years.

Endora, Bewitched

Plenty of people may call their mothers-in-law a witch behind her back, but few can actually say it with the conviction of Darren Stevens of Bewitched. After all his mother-in-law, Endora (portrayed by Agness Moorehead) was a real-life, spell-casting, broom-riding witch. She was also one in the figurative sense. In addition to popping in unannounced regularly, (via spells, not the front door), she spent the entire run of the show getting his name wrong, referring to him as "Durwood." Like plenty of parents before her she simply did not approve of her daughter's choice of a mate. In her case she was incensed her daughter "settled" for a mere mortal. She therefore saw it as her duty to use her supernatural powers to try to sabotage their union. It didn't work, but made for amusing television. Occasionally disturbing, but amusing nonetheless.

"Mother" Jefferson, The Jeffersons

Though everyone remembers Florence as the legendary putdown queen from The Jeffersons, she had some tough competition for the title. George Jefferson's mother was the kind of woman convinced that no woman would ever be good enough for her son, least of all his wife Louise. She took every opportunity to put his wife Louise down, usually resulting in laughs of course. Her run as queen bee of the Jefferson's deluxe apartment in the sky was cut short when Zara Cully, the actress portraying "Mother" Jefferson, passed away in the show's fourth season.

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