Offbeat & On-Trend: The Non-White Wedding Gown

04/04/2013 01:09 am ET | Updated Jun 03, 2013

We've all heard the "rules" concerning bridal fashion, the main one being that wedding gowns should be white, right? While we do love seeing a crisp, clean, classic white gown coming down the aisle, there is a new trend popping up in weddings, and we could not be more thrilled! Some brides are starting to take their cues from the red carpet, and judging from these colorful gowns, we're about to see a lot more variety in bridal couture. Who says you even have to wear a dress? Or something dainty and feminine? Make the aisle your runway and have fun with your wedding day look! Take a peek at the slideshow for our favorite gowns that are a bit offbeat...but completely on-trend.

Non-White Wedding Gowns

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