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Top 5 Alternatives to Wedding Cake

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There's one thing we can't deny: wedding cakes are often so creatively done that they're not only delicious but beyond gorgeous, too. With that said, let's face it -- not everyone likes this sweet treat, and sometimes you find yourself daydreaming about a chocolate bar instead. We're with you, because we do too.

Although you may break a wedding tradition, the best thing about serving something other than cake is it's another opportunity to show off your style as a couple (and start your own tradition). It's also important to focus on the pieces of your day that you both will love.

Perhaps your family has the best secret pie recipes? Plan time before your wedding to bond with these members and bake several homemade pies to serve instead. Even if you still want to serve cake, cupcakes are always an option! Remember, at your wedding you can have your chocolate, pie, or cupcakes and eat it too. Check out the slideshow to find a collection of our top five favorite cake alternatives.

Top 5 Alternatives to Wedding Cake
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