Trick or Treat Congressional Style!

12/01/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Its Halloween kiddies and lots of treats are in store for voters fed up with congressional tricksters. Today's scary story comes from the 12th congressional district of Ohio, where baby faced "family values" incumbent Pat Tiberi (R), is putting on his monster mask in an effort to scare voters away from his opponent David Robinson.


Here's the game our cuddly congressman likes to play: Some unknown Tiberi supporter will file trumped up charges against the opponent, then Tiberi sends out campaign literature claiming said opponent is under investigation.

It worked for Pat Tiberi in his 2006 election against Bob Shamansky, and now he is using the same underhanded tactic against Robinson. According to The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper the elections commission quickly dismissed the complaint (CASE NO. 2008E-06, Strahle v. Robinson, et. Al) made by Tiberi supporter Mike Strahle of Dublin, Ohio. Strahle, a former Marine, complained Robinson's web site falsified information about Tiberi's ratings with The Disabled American Veterans by claiming Tiberi received abysmal grades from the organization for the years 2003-2007.

Tiberi did in fact receive those failing marks for the years 2003-2006, but in 2007 the organization did not grade him at all. To quote the local political watch dog blog Blue Bexley "Tiberi received grades of 0,0,0,66 from 2003-2006, and the DAV didn't release a grade in 2007. Robinson mistakenly credited Tiberi with 5 failing grades, when it was actually 4 failing grades and a missing year."

This is hardly a case for ethics review, but all that is needed for a well funded incumbent to stir up the mud and crush his opposition.

What is sad about this story is that David Robinson is a first time candidate, so fed up with the current state of affairs he decided to stand up as a citizen to fight, and win our country back. He has no built in PAC support or political allies from previous races. He is just a guy out there trying to do the right thing (you know, Democracy, American Style.) He is out financed, and out gunned by the big boyz. Even though Tiberi has all the odds stacked in his favor with mountains of money, name recognition and incumbent support, Pat still feels the need to drag this race into the dirt. Apparently he is feeling the heat as grass roots support for Robinson grows.

So Tiberi is using his power as a professional politician and congressman to scare voters with false allegations and dirty tricks.

The campaign post card Tiberi just mailed reads as follows:


David Robinson had a complaint filed against him with the Ohio Elections Commission for lying about his opponents record and misleading voters.

The Iraq War Marine veteran and Purple Heart Recipient who filed the complaint wrote:

"...either David Robinson did not actually research the charges he printed in campaign literature, or he intentionally and dishonestly is spreading false information... Robinson is hypocritically breaking his own campaign promises of running an honest campaign and not deceiving voters."

CASE NO. 2008E-06, Strahle v. Robinson, et. Al



Vote NO on David Robinson.

This type of underhanded congressional gamesmanship is exactly what The American People despise. We want honest responsible representation and debates based on issues. In the Tiberi/Robinson debate, Tiberi invoked Ronald Regan three times, shaking his head and saying "There you go again" as if he believed somehow the old Gippers famous gotcha would work for him, even though there was no appropriate context to use it with.

The sad thing is most voters will go to the polls never knowing any of this. All they know is the name Tiberi connected with the warm fuzzy television commercials about Republican "family values." They look at his baby faced grin and think he is probably a really nice guy.

But ya have to check the candy on Halloween folks; Even if the man at the doorway hands it out with a smile.

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