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A Look at What's Hot and Not in the World of Sports

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Taking a look at the top 10 of what's hot or not in today's world of sports:

1. NFL replacement refs giving extra timeouts
2. The Big East Conference
3. NHL 2012 Season
4. Shutting down Strasburg
5. $200 million MLB payrolls (See: New York Yankees)
6. Blood doping
7. Veteran NFL QB's
8. Bobby V. on the radio
9. Bounty Gate
10. Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx

1. NFL replacement refs asking players for fantasy help
2. The ACC Conference
3. NBA 2012 Full Season
4. Knuckleballer R.A. Dickey in Cy Young conversation
5. $80 million MLB payrolls (See: Baltimore Orioles)
6. Adderall
7. Rookie NFL QB's
8. Ozzie Guillen on Twitter
9. Re-intstatements
10. Madden 2012 Cover Jinx

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