A Tebow Christmas Wish

12/27/2011 10:18 am ET | Updated Feb 21, 2012

Dear Santa: I've been a good football fan this season. I have watched my favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles, have an extremely disappointing season, yet still rooted passionately for them. I had a bad fantasy football year yet still dutifully made roster changes until the bitter end. I've even watched the second coming in the form of Tim Tebow during the Denver games that have been on national television.

I could ask you for a slew of gifts this year such as a new coaching staff for the Eagles, or for their division rival the Dallas Cowboys to miss the playoffs. But I have only one wish: a one day Tim Tebow news black-out. On Christmas Day.

Tebow Mania has grown into epic proportions. It has seeped into mainstream media with recent name checks in the New York Post's gossip column, NBC's Access Hollywood, and even a skit on Saturday's Saturday Night Live of Tim Tebow and his fellow Mile High teammates getting a visit from Jesus.

Instead of endlessly hearing about what a great person Tebow is, here are five other potential stories I propose for Christmas Day:

1.) Start a rumor skier Lindsay Vonn is dating New England head coach Bill Belichick

2.) New York Jet safety Antonio Cromartie (who has 9 kids with 8 women) vows to sign a faithfulness pledge to one woman, ala Newt Gingrich

3.) Indy QB Peyton Manning acquiesces play calling to Andrew Luck, takes over Jon Gruden's MNF Booth duties after Gruden steps down to teach NFL Mascot School

4.) Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh rescues a cat out of a tree and helps an old lady cross the street in Detroit

5.) Brett Favre shows up in the huddle in his Wranglers to call the plays as QB for the Bears on Sunday

Santa, can you please ask the powers that be to take a day off from the Tebowfication of America and please let us enjoy our holiday in peace? I promise I'll bake extra cookies (without Tebow's face on them) for you if bring me this Christmas miracle. Happy Holidays!