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Kelly Dooley
Kelly Dooley, the mastermind & creative genius behind BodyRock Sport was born in sun-kissed Southern California. An admitted recovering 'Tomboy,' Kelly had to learn, at a young age, how to out run her older and totally jacked brother, Mike. Now business partners with their Earth Angel of a mother, BodyRock Sport truly is a family affair and they think of every client as a part of their extended family. Having a passion for fashion and fitness, Kelly's 'light bulb' moment happened when she didn’t want a sports bra that looked like prison wear. After completing her first marathon, the designer started to create the beautiful array of what we like to call “Style-wear” - it is all too beautiful to be called sportswear, yet it is constructed to take you through a triathlon! As an athlete, she understands the need for both fashion and function, and caters to like-minded women who work hard and play hard.

Designed for women who love being women. The garments have a bevy of amazing features, including inner structure for optimal support, waterproof pockets, iPod pockets, side and front zippers for easy removal, tag-less labels, Swarovski crystals and studs. BodyRock strives to empower women through their designs to love the skin they're in. BodyRock Sport is simply the vehicle to encourage women to be happy with and to love themselves. And the ROI is unprecedented, because each garment is incredibly versatile and comfortable as well, each suiting different personalities. Each piece is named after either a real or mystical women whose confidence, energy, passion, style, and spirituality have inspired Kelly. With BodyRock Sport, you can always expect the unexpected. What is next truly has not been done.

BodyRock Sport has managed to build a community filled with incredibly postive, strong, and athletic family-oriented women who reinforce the overall mission to make the world a better place.

BodyRock's mission to Empower has led them to become greatly involved with philanthropic organizations. They proudly sponsor and partner with many non-profits that are devoted to female empowerment and to building confidence: New York Road Runners' Youth Programs, American Cancer Society, The W.I.N. Foundation and GIRLS' Leap, to name a few. So when you acquire a piece of BodyRock, not only will you look and feel amazing, you'll be making a difference in someone's life!

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